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Pea Shoots Tamagoyaki

This pea shoots tamagoyaki (Japanese egg roll) 豆苗卵焼き is perfect as a side dish in a bento or any meal, and can be made ahead a day or two as part of meal prep. The fun part of this recipe is that it is made with home grown and freshly harvested pea shoots – cooking fresh is certainly very satisfying for a change!

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Pea Shoots Tamagoyaki Recipe


Don Don Donki's Japanese Pea Shoots
Two weeks ago, I bought a bag of pea shoots (toumyou/豆苗) from Don Don Donki and made a simple stir-fry pea shoots with meat and mushroom recipe with it.

Regrowing Donki's Pea Shoots (Day 7)
The bag of pea shoots was regrowable for a second harvest. After 7 days, my pea shoots are ready!

This is the amount of pea shoots I got from my harvest. Unfortunately, it’s only about 30g of pea shoots so it is too little to make another stir-fry. But it’s great for garnishes or recipes using pea shoots in smaller portions. I decided to make this Japanese tamagoyaki – the amount of shoots enabled me to make two tamagoyaki egg rolls with generous heaps of pea shoots in each roll.


The ingredients shown are for one egg roll. 

First finely chop the pea shoots.

Whisk 2 eggs, dashi powder, chicken stock and mirin in a large bowl or measuring cup thoroughly.

Add the chopped pea shoots and the egg mixture is ready!


Pea Shoots Tamagoyaki (Step by Step)
Pour 1/3 of the egg mixture into a greased non-stick tamagoyaki pan.

Pea Shoots Tamagoyaki (Step by Step)

Pea Shoots Tamagoyaki (Step by Step)
Tilt the pan so that the egg mixture is spread out evenly across the pan. When the egg is semi-set, start rolling it from one end to the other of the pan using chopsticks or spatula.

Pea Shoots Tamagoyaki (Step by Step)
Push the first layer of rolled egg back to the starting point. Regrease the exposed surface of the pan …

Pea Shoots Tamagoyaki (Step by Step)

Pea Shoots Tamagoyaki (Step by Step)
Repeat the above sequence of steps for another two more times, until all the egg is used up.

Pea Shoots Tamagoyaki (Step by Step)
This is the completed egg roll. Gently press down the egg all-around with a spatula to give it a firm rectangular shape.

Pea Shoots Tamagoyaki (Step by Step)
Transfer tamagoyaki to cutting board and wait for it to cool down before slicing.

Pea Shoots Tamagoyaki Recipe
Slice each roll to 6-8 equal pieces. Serve with a side dish of ponzu sauce & grated daikon in a small saucer.

Pea Shoots Tamagoyaki (Meal Prep)
By the way,  tamagoyaki can be kept in the fridge and reheated in the microwave the next day. Perfect for meal prep!

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  1. Nutrient dense, healthful and so delicious too.

  2. Pea shoots in egg? This absolutely works for me!

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