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Miso Soup

Miso Soup

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I love salty and savoury stuff so it is no surprise that I like miso soup, which is a must-have side when eating Japanese food. It is cheap, easy and quick (10 minutes) to make, almost like instant food!

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This is a basic recipe for miso soup with tofu and wakame. You can always add other ingredients, such as with salmon head or asari (clams) to make it a more sumptuous bowl.

Miso Soup

24 comments on “Miso Soup”

  1. Miso soup is so perfect for January. The version with clams sounds great too. Love how quick this is to prepare!

  2. I love miso soup as they are so quick and easy to prepare at home :) 

  3. where did you get the dashi and miso from? ntuc have?

  4. This is one of my regular rotation of soups in my house.  Just loved it!

  5.  This is good enough for me. NO need to be more sumptuous…:D

  6. I mean a soup that you make at home in minutes of your time..I mean yummy and fast,what a combo

  7. I love miso soup. I just need a simple dish and rice, then I am complete. ;)

  8. I love miso soup…simple and yet so tasty.
    Love the pictures…hope you are having a wonderful weekend Wiffy :-)

  9. I have been into Jap cooking at home recently too! Just love the light and fresh flavours. I haven’t been making miso soup for ages. So agree with your tip about not boiling the paste! 

  10. An old favorite. Thanks for posting it.

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