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Miso Soup

Miso Soup

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I love salty and savoury stuff so it is no surprise that I like miso soup, which is a must-have side when eating Japanese food. It is cheap, easy and quick (10 minutes) to make, almost like instant food!

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This is a basic recipe for miso soup with tofu and wakame. You can always add other ingredients, such as with salmon head or asari (clams) to make it a more sumptuous bowl.

Miso Soup

24 comments on “Miso Soup”

  1. May I know where did you get your dashi stock, seaweed and miso paste? Thanks!

  2. Didn’t realize dashi is the secret ingredient, everytime I just buy the miso paste – too salty!

  3. MingYu, dashi stock and miso paste from NTUC/Cold Storage/Sakuraya. I got the seaweed for S$2 at Daiso Singapore.
    Joanna, dashi enhances the flavour of the soup but it adds saltiness too. If your miso soup is too salty, reduce the miso paste used. Different brands have varying degree of saltiness.

  4. I like to cook it with fish head ^^

  5. NoobCook, cannot leave comments at your blog :(

  6. HL, thanks, what error did you get? I can see the comment form.

  7. Lee Hong, salmon belly miso soup will be very nice too, it will be my next kitchen experiment ^^

  8. NoobCook…just no response & can’t type anything on the comment form. It worked for the clam chowder post though. Hmmm…maybe I will try again on the miso post.

  9. Love miso soup. Glad to be able to enjoy an authentic version at home.

  10. HL, just tested and it works now, let me know if still cannot. thanks for letting me know, kekeke

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