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Tofu with Minced Meat

Tofu with Minced Meat (肉酱豆腐) is one of my family’s favourite dishes and I have cooked it for many years but never got tired of it. This dish is really good with a bowl of warm fluffy white rice, and we often fought over the savoury gravy. Such humble home-cooked food (家常菜) is the reason why  I like to cook, because it taste so homely  and you can’t really order this type of food outside, well at least not so commonly.

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Mapo Tofu
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Tofu with Minced Meat Recipe

Tofu with Minced Meat Recipe

Sometimes I also add mushrooms to it, making it a more balanced dish if I don’t have time to whip up another side dish of vegetables. I call this dish the localized version of the popular Sichuan dish, Mapo Tofu, without the numbing heat.

43 comments on “Tofu with Minced Meat”

  1. One of my favorites too :D

  2. This is so yummy! Believe it or not, I had this for dinner!! ;)

  3. Oh tried this, was v gd. Tks for sharing. More recipes using fermented black beans, coz I’ve a big bottle of it now. :)

  4. Oh, this dish makes me miss home. I wish I can easily get tofu here. Just this dish wth rice and I am all smiles throughout the day :D

  5. wow..I’ve always been afraid to those things in a jar (even though my family has a bunch of them at home).
    my roommate in university used to make something simpler.. i.e. just minced meat, and (soft) tofu (although he always loved to add in a little bit of ginger) ..and it was very tasty. I haven’t made that in a while, and I totally look forward to trying your recipe, it’s like a new spin on a favourite for me… :)

  6. Just wanted to give a follow up on my last comment :D I made this ytd..
    it was goodddd. I couldn’t help myself from testing it out while cooking.

    Finding the jars of those beans took me surprisingly long though… at T&T Super market, apparently I was in the wrong aisle, that had jars w/ bean curds, and bean pastes in it, but not the actual soy beans. Turns out it was in the aisle named Chinese sauces or something…should’ve figured! And those things were hiding near the bottom of the shelf!! They weren’t very expense though. The most expensive item for me was the seasame oil which is fine, since my family ran out on the last jar, and I want to be able to add it to more foods. It has a great aroma, although I didn’t like it as a kid,

    I think I went overboard w/ those black beans cuz it smelled so good… I must’ve added double the amount and the taste is STRONG, I’ll go easy on it next time! But I am going to check out the other recipes now, hopefully I can use up the rest of the ingredients or cook again with Tofu sometime. THANKS!! <3

  7. can i get these bottles of beans from NTUC? if not, where?

  8. Hi,

    May I know how to prepare corn starch? Where can I get it?

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  10. Hi Wiffy…

    Love your blog and glad to find this blog for my basic to start home cook…
    Want to ask you for this recipe Tofu with Minced Meat…can I replace the minced pork to minced chicken? I don’t know what is the taste like…need some advice….

    P/S: I’ve tried your Coca Cola Chicken Wings and I posted in my FB(I change it to drumstick)…and what I can said….its AWESOME….95% successfully…my boyfriend ask me to cook more often…. :)

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