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Home-Cooked Bak Kut Teh

Our lunch of Bak Kut Teh on a lazy weekend. I think it looks and tastes pretty good, thanks to me cheating by using Eu Yan Sang’s bak kut teh premix … I really like the herby taste of this soup. For the version you see in the pic, I added wolfberries (qi zi), fried tau kee (boil in soup briefly before serving) and serve with local lettuce & my fave you tiao to make it more like outside bak kut teh =P Some stalls also added liver slices in the soup but I haven’t tried that before, think I prefer to eat them stir-fried. I would love to use tang oh instead of lettuce leaves but I guess I’ve got to wait till Chinese New Year period to find this CNY-steamboat vegetable. The ones I tried growing haven’t been very successful so far =x

I’m quite satisfied with our home cooked version … only thing lacking now is a very pretty & traditional Chinese teapot to brew the accompanying Chinese tea in! (Hope B is reading :P)

Bak Kut Teh

8 comments on “Home-Cooked Bak Kut Teh”

  1. Wow.. fried tau kee will taste so nice absorbing all the soup. Hee.. I also use premix bak kut teh pack. Hope you get your traditional chinese teapot soon! :P

  2. wow!…gimme a bowl of bak kut teh anytime. I love my ribs!This looks really mouthwatering and as usual it’s a tease. I’ve never tried the euyansang premix,so maybe it’s time I experimented. Did u also make the youtiao too?

  3. the youtiao bought at coffeeshop. I so noob, where got know how to make you tiao :D

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  6. What a great idea to cook noodles with BKT spice!! I just made BKT 2 night ago-and forgot my tou pok :( so sad la.

  7. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog and have been reading a few recipes that you have got. You take very pretty pictures of the food, may I ask which camera do you use? Bak Kut Teh is one of my fav soups and I am going to try to find the Eu Yan Sang pre-mix here in HK. I have been using 游建好 brand and have not tried others. Will also try to find the Star flower brand when I next go back to Sing.

  8. can i have the receipe?

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