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Pickled Chinese Cabbage

A friend of mine tried my recipe for Chinese pickles and then use the same pickling solution for cabbage with great results, so this is where this pickled cabbage recipe came from. It reminded me of the pickled cabbage side dish that is frequently served with Taiwanese beef noodles. The cabbage need not be cooked, and instead just soaked in the vinegar.

Pickled Cabbage Recipe

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There is no raw aftertaste of cabbage after pickling. The result is crunchy, addictively sour and very tasty cabbage. I love it with instant noodles and also rice. It works well both as an appetizer, side dish and even in sandwiches (think Bánh mì). They are also incredibly easy to make and took me only about 15 minutes to prepare (minus waiting time).

Pickled Cabbage Recipe

19 comments on “Pickled Chinese Cabbage”

  1. Restaurant appetizer! Like the sourness of this pickle with the crunch.

  2. Yes, I remember eating these pickled cabbage…they are so tasty…thanks for the recipe Wiffy.
    Hope you are having a super week :D

  3. Crunchy and delicious!

  4. Hi, I just tried this recipe today. Really loved it. Just wanted to ask if I would to use radish, do I need to add salt to ‘sweat’ them?

  5. Hi. After submerging the cabbage in the vinegar sauce, how many days later can it then be eaten?

  6. Hi,
    If I am making more say 600g of cabbage, do I double everything? If not what will the ratio to increase? Thanks.

    • Yes I think you can double because the more vinegar (very sour), the more sugar you need. But do season to taste gradually to be safe, especially the salt.

  7. Omg I have been looking for this recipe forever ! I’m excited to try it out
    Is it okay to let it soak for a week ? Or is that to long ?…

  8. How long does the cabbage pickle keep in the fridge?

  9. I been searching for a recipe like this for some time. So happy to have stumble across this. I don’t know what chilli Padilla is. Is it a noodle or vegetable? Where could I get it. This recipe is exactly what I been looking for and axinious to make it. Thanks

  10. Can I use regular vinegar instead of rice vinegar?

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