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Open-Faced Prawn Omelette

This is a Chinese-style, open-faced recipe for prawn omelette. I love to cook open-faced omelette whenever I want a better presentation since it showcases the main ingredient that makes up the omelette, which in this case is my favourite prawn (shrimp). This prawn omelette is both attractive and tasty with simple ingredients.

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Open-Faced Prawn Omelette Recipe
Since the omelette looks naturally pretty on its own, I decided to serve it in its original shape in the pan after cutting the omelette to bite-sized pieces. To minimize tearing the egg, wait for the omelette to cool down a little first before cutting. This simple egg dish goes so well with both rice or porridge.

Open-Faced Prawn Omelette Recipe
To prevent a dried surface & unsightly bubbles on the omelette, use a lower heat when steaming the omelette and take it off from the stove once the egg is set (do not overcook). Other then an open-faced presentation, you can also choose to fold this omelette in half like my button mushroom omelette, or scramble it for a fluffier texture.

Diced Prawn for Prawn Omelette Recipe
This is the prawn (shrimp) I used for the recipe. The reason why they are diced is so that I can use any size of prawn that is freshest, and not worry if they look too big or small. And dicing also spreads out the prawn meat efficiently, giving the feeling that there are a lot of prawns than is actually used :P

2 comments on “Open-Faced Prawn Omelette”

  1. Haha, I can finish the entire omelette, so no need to slice into pretty pieces for me…lol

  2. I too can easily finish the whole portion! Looks really flavourful and beyond delicious.

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