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Long Bean Omelette

Long Bean Omelette Recipe

You may use either long beans or french beans for this recipe. This omelette goes very well with plain porridge.


  • 5 long beans (if using french beans, double the quantity)
  • 3 eggs beaten
  • a dash of white pepper powder
  • 1 tsp light soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp cooking oil
  • 4 garlic cloves peeled and minced
  • 1/8 tsp salt


  1. Prepare beans. Trim both ends of the beans and sliced them very thinly.
  2. Prepare egg mixture. Combine eggs, white pepper and light soy sauce in a small bowl; mix well.
  3. Fry sliced beans. Heat oil in wokpan, fry minced garlic briskly until fragrant, then add sliced beans. When the beans are almost cooked, use your spatula to arrange them into one flat layer in the wokpan.
  4. Pour egg mixture over the beans. Gently tilt the pan to ensure all the beans are well coated in the egg. Cook a few minutes on one side until dry and nicely browned, then flip to the other side and do the same. If your pan is too big and it is difficult to flip, cut them to smaller bite-sized pieces with the spatula before turning over.
  5. Serve with rice, porridge or eat as a snack on its own.

Cooking Note(s):

Add 1/4 tsp dashi powder and reduce the light soy sauce to 1/2 tsp, to improve the umami-taste of the omelette.

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48 comments on “Long Bean Omelette”

  1. My mom used to cook this all the time when I was a kid… looks like we all share that story! This post reminds me that now that I’m grown up, I’m doing the same for mom. Running home to cook her a bit of nostalgia =)

  2. My grandma used to cook this for my uncle…I love it. Easy to make, taste great and I can smuggle vegetables into my kids’ meal.

  3. i have a hard time flipping the egg over because it seems that the bottom is burnt while the top is still extremely runny. most of the time i give up and just scramble it all up. any advice? is it to do with the size of my saucepan (small)?

  4. Thanks for the recipe. Served it with shredded pork carnitas. Yummy.

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  8. Tried it yesterday, turn out great! Thank u!

  9. cooked this for dinner once a while to bring back childhood memories. but with finely diced long beans, preserved radish (chai po) and chopped chinese saugage (lup cheong)…. wonder if this is a hakka dish. anyone can enlighten me?

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