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Long Bean Omelette

I was reminded of this childhood favourite dish of mine when I saw tigerfish’s recipe for green bean omelette egg fritters. Seeing her delicious egg fritters set off an instant craving as I remember my mum used to whip these up and we usually have it with plain porridge. So I phoned my mum and asked her to teach me her version.

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Long Bean Omelette Recipe

Long Bean Omelette Recipe
Our home version is very simple with just a few ingredients – eggs, long beans, garlic, soy sauce, salt and white pepper. But it’s really good like home-cooked food is – it’s delicious, unpretentious and simple.

48 comments on “Long Bean Omelette”

  1. The sliced beans are so pretty in the omelette! Looks delicious too.

  2. hehe, this is one of my fav dish. Simple – mine is just beans and eggs, and the kids eat the bean cooked this way and not any other ways. Fast to prep, easy to cook. Super dish.

  3. That is soo delicious!

  4. Looks great! Wish I could find long beans around here.

  5. simple food like this is what keeps me happy!

  6. Yumm, This looks so good. I love adding all sorts of things to my omelettes. Such a versatile ingrediant….

  7. For sure! I made this recently too! Such a simple but MUST have recipe.. Love the texture of long bean and the eggs together.

  8. This is such a lovely, homey dish…! I love adding prawns to such omelet.

  9. Hello Noobcook! Just saw this post on foodgawker! Love your recipes and blog! This recipe is very similar to savory pancakes I grew up with in Korea! Great to “meet’ you!

  10. My mum used to make me this! It’s very delicious and healthy too !

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