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Claypot Chicken Rice, Rice Cooker Recipe

"Claypot" Chicken Rice (Rice Cooker Recipe)

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This recipe is one of my mum’s 拿手好菜 (specialty) when I was a kid. She basically dump the chicken and lup cheong to cook with the rice in a rice cooker and you have a super yummy one-dish-meal quite effortlessly. This is also the “claypot-less” way to make claypot chicken rice – with a rice cooker.

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Claypot Chicken Rice

Like all my mum’s recipes, they are quite straightforward and need minimal ingredients – in this case, just chicken, lup cheong and common Asian pantry stuff like soy sauce, ginger and oyster sauce.

"Claypot" Chicken Rice (Rice Cooker Recipe)

I’ve wanted to cook this for a very long time but according to my mum, I couldn’t do it with my previous rice cooker because the rice cooked too fast. Yes, my previous rice cooker was an el cheapo, S$30 basic keep warm/cook type which cooks rice in about 10 minutes flat! Really love it but unfortunately, it wasn’t built to last. The thermostat malfunctioned after a few months and after the second one broke down, I decided it was time to look for a more durable rice cooker. I finally settled on a rather high tech (neuro fuzzy), made-in-Japan zujiroshi rice cooker. The rice cooks perfectly and the rice at the base of the pot do not dry up even after keeping warm for a few hours. The only flip side is, it takes like 30 minutes to cook the rice! Well, at least, I consoled myself, I can now cook this dish which I have missed eating for some time.

Printable Recipe
 "Claypot" Chicken Rice (Rice Cooker Recipe) Marinade chicken pieces with dark soy sauce and oyster sauce.
 "Claypot" Chicken Rice (Rice Cooker Recipe) Grate some ginger and squeeze the pulp to get about 2 tsp ginger juice. According to my mum, this step is very important but when I’m busy, I just substitute this step with a few slices of ginger. Add the juice to the marinated chicken pieces. Update: Use a ginger grater to grate ginger the easy, fast and safe way.
 "Claypot" Chicken Rice (Rice Cooker Recipe) Slice the lup cheong diagonally. Tip: Soak them in hot water for 5 minutes before removing wax covering (thanks reader Michell for sharing the tip via comments).
 "Claypot" Chicken Rice (Rice Cooker Recipe) Wash rice and add water to cook rice. Set to cook. Open the lid of the rice cooker to check when the rice is almost 3/4 cooked (the water is almost dried up; pictured). Each rice cooker is different and will take different timing to reach this state. for mine, it takes 20 minutes.
 "Claypot" Chicken Rice (Rice Cooker Recipe) At this point, add the chicken, lup cheong and a few slices of ginger. I did not add the leftover marinade sauce as it will cause the rice to become soggy. Close the rice cooker lid and continue cooking. My rice cooker cook for a further 20 minutes before it sounds the chime indicating the rice is done . You should “keep warm” the food for at least another 20 minutes after the rice is cooked to ensure that the chicken and lup cheong is cooked through.
 "Claypot" Chicken Rice (Rice Cooker Recipe) Use a spatula to mix the ingredients thoroughly with the rice. After doing so, your rice will become brown from the soy marinade. Garnish with fried shallots and chopped spring onions.

97 comments on “Claypot Chicken Rice, Rice Cooker Recipe”

  1. Hi,

    Will like to try out this dish.

    Can I ask, if I can half cooked the chicken 1st before putting them into the rice cooker?

    Kindly advice.

    Thank you.

  2. this is great! I want to try making this soon! :)

  3. Oooh… Just tried this recipe! yum! easy to make!

  4. Hi hi,

    was wondering if I can mix in leftover rice from yesterday? If yes, at which point should I do it?

    thank you loads…

    • Hi, I think you should still cook rice from scratch in the claypot for the crusty and smoky taste, when the rice cooked, you can mix in the leftover rice.

  5. I used dried Shitake too. What I did was to soak the mushrooms first in hot water till they’re rehydrated, then combine the soaking liquid with the water for the rice. I layer the mushrooms at the bottom, next the Lup Cheong and finally the chicken. If I have them, I’d also toast some silver fish (Islam bilis). They’re a subsitute for salted fish. I add some with the ingredients to the rice, and then sprinkle some just before eating.

    • Oops, typo from iPhone spell checker. Should be ikan bilis. I apologize and hope no one got offended.

  6. I live in Italy for past 33 years. I never cook chinese, because I just don’t know how! Thanks to my niece in Singapore, she gave me noobcook.com. Now I’m having great fun cooking! keep up and good luck. Thank you!
    Hainam Toh

  7. Hi. I don’t have a rice cooker. I was wondering if this will work using a regular cooking pan? I’m not really much of a cook, but this is something that I would really like to try.

    • I found this microwave version in Her World magazine more than 15 years ago and adapted it to suit my taste. My friends who love this have all adapted the marinade, depending on colour prefereance and salty-ness and none of our recipes taste exactly alike.

      Chicken Claypot Rice (Microwave)​
      serves 4


      400g​ chicken (breast/thigh; sliced or diced to bite-size)
      50g​ Chinese sausage (usually 1 piece, remove skin and slice)
      6​ dried chinese mushrooms (soak in cold water for 10 min, remove stalk and slice)
      3 cups ​rice

      Chicken Marinade
      4 tbsp​ ginger juice (grate 100g of young ginger and squeeze out juice, add water if nec)
      2 tbsp ​oyster sauce
      1 tbsp ​cooking wine
      2 tsp​ water
      2 tsp​ corn flour
      2 tsp​ sugar
      2 tsp​ dark soya sauce

      Topping Sauce
      2 tbsp​ oyster sauce
      2 tbsp​ oil
      5 tbsp ​water
      1 tbsp​ soya sauce
      1 tsp ​sesame oil
      2 tsp​ dark soya sauce

      Ingredients you can omit: mushroom, ginger juice, cooking wine


      1. Prepare chicken, sausage and mushroom.
      2. Prepare chicken marinade in a bowl. Add chicken into the bowl and marinate for at least 10 min.
      3. Wash uncooked rice in a deep casserole dish. Add 3 cups of water. Microwave uncovered for 11 minutes on HIGH.
      4. Remove casserole dish from microwave and stir partially cooked rice.
      5. Place sausage and mushroom on top of the rice, followed by the chicken*.
      6. Cover the dish and microwave for 10 minutes on MEDIUM.
      7. Remove the chicken, sausage and mushroom from the casserole dish and put on a plate.
      8. Stir topping sauce into the rice and microwave for 1 minute on HIGH (uncovered).
      9. Stir rice and place the chicken, sausage and mushroom and back on top of the rice.
      10. Garnish with chopped spring onions and fried shallots and cut chilli. Serve hot.

      *You can actually add the sausage and mushroom to the chicken marinade and just put everything in at the same time. BUT… …by sandwiching them between the rice and chicken, you avoid burning the sausage and mushroom and the sausage is actually more succulent.

    • Hi Pam, thanks for sharing the microwave recipe for claypot rice :)

  8. Hi,

    I just made this dish for my hubby’s packed lunch today. It was easy and delicious! I used brown rice instead of white, and i added chinese mushrooms as suggested by many of ur readers. I also fry the ingredients with garlic till half cooked before putting them into the cooker. Due to the nature of brown rice, i added slightly more water and when the rice is done, i topped up with a drizzle of dark soy sauce.

    For the past wks i have been trying out alot of other dishes that i found on your blog. Most of your recipes are so easy and delicious. My hubby simply love ur version of steam egg that he bugs me to make it every other day. I am going to try out ur bake rice recipe tmr for lunch…so looking fwd to it.

    Also can i just ask, in your mapo tofu recipe, u said u bought ur szechuan ground pepper in cold storage, but i cant seem to find it. I’ve tried sheng shiong, ntuc, and some cold storage but all of them only sell the peppercorn type. Will still continue to hunt for it though, where did u get urs?


  9. Thanks wiffy. I’m a Singaporean in the states n I miss home cooked food so much. Your recipes sound easy and I’m hoping I can make the dishes for my hubby. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is a great recipe to start with, especially for someone who’s just breaking into asian cooking like myself! :) I DID add a couple more steps as advised by my MIL though..

    1. Added half the normal amount of water and the other half, chicken stock
    2. Marinated the chicken for about an hour before cooking it in the pan first (my rice cooker cooks in 20mins :p)
    3. stir fried the lup cheong first to get it a little crispy.
    4. Added a dash of sesame oil and a smashed clove of garlic when cooking the chix in the pan, then cook till abt 1/2 to 3/4 done and add the whole lot into the ricepot.. to cook the rest of the way..

    Marinating makes the chicken much more flavorful.. :)

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