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Claypot Chicken Rice, Rice Cooker Recipe

"Claypot" Chicken Rice (Rice Cooker Recipe)

Claypot Chicken Rice (Rice Cooker Recipe)

Each rice cooker is different so you need to test out the timing required to cook the chicken thoroughly on your rice cooker. If necessary, you can briefly stir-fry the chicken partially before adding to the rice cooker.


  • 1 cup rice
  • water to cook rice
  • 1/2 chicken (about 500 grams) chopped to smaller pieces
  • 2 lup cheong/Chinese sausages soaked in hot water for 5 minutes before removing wax covering; then sliced thinly & diagonally
  • 4 slices ginger
  • fried shallots for garnishing
  • chopped spring onions for garnishing

(A) Marinade

  • 1 tsp dark soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 2 tsp ginger juice grate some ginger, squeeze the pulp


  • rice cooker
  • grater


  1. Marinade chicken with (A) for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Wash rice and add water to cook rice. Set to “COOK”. Open the lid of the rice cooker to check when the rice is almost 3/4 cooked (the water is almost dried up).
  3. Add the marinated chicken, lup cheong and ginger slices. Do not add the leftover marinade sauce as it will cause the rice to become soggy. Close the rice cooker lid and continue cooking. “KEEP WARM” the contents for at least another 20 minutes after the rice is cooked to ensure that the chicken and lup cheong is cooked through.
  4. Use a spatula to mix the ingredients thoroughly with the rice. Garnish with fried shallots and chopped spring onions.
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97 comments on “Claypot Chicken Rice, Rice Cooker Recipe”

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  2. Hi wiffy, we tried this receipe today for dinner and it was a total success. We aused chicken stock instead if water for cooking the rice. Very yummy and the chicken was moist. We foresee this to be a regular feature in our dinner options. Thanks a lot for sharing this receipe!!

  3. May I know if I can cook this in a slow cooker/crock pot?

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  5. Hi, I have a qns, do u add the remainder marinade after the rice is cooked ? or the rice will become brown just from the chicken ?

    Thank you!

    • I don’t add the remaining marinade as the rice will become too soggy. If you want to add the marinade juices, you can reduce some of the liquid used to cook the rice. If your rice is not brown enough (without adding the marinade) you can drizzle some dark soy sauce over before serving.

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