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How to Make Ginger Juice

How to Make Grated Ginger Juice
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This is one of the most asked question from my readers: how/what’s the easiest way to make grated ginger juice? Some recipes call for ginger juice as one of the marinade ingredient.

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Many people find it a hassle to grate the ginger for juice, so they use finely chopped ginger (probably not as good as ginger juice, as the latter is liquid and pure extract), or they may even skip it altogether. My method of grating ginger, with the help of an inexpensive ginger grater, is fast, easy and safe.

Step-by-Step Photos

Grating ginger with a microplane
You can totally grate ginger using a regular grater or microplane (pictured). Personally, I find it scary to use a sharp grater as I am terrified of accidental cuts so I use a ceramic ginger grater (next picture) instead.

Ginger Grater
In this tutorial, an inexpensive (about S$2) ceramic (not plastic) ginger grater is used. With the ginger grater, you won’t cut your fingers, and you can maneuver much more freely even with the smallest piece of ginger.

How to Make Grated Ginger Juice
Peel the ginger the ancient, safe and no-waste way by using a metal spoon (hold it like a paring knife) to scrap away the skin.

How to Make Grated Ginger Juice
Hold the ginger grater firmly in one hand and grate the ginger in your other hand in a circular motion.

How to Make Grated Ginger Juice
Gather the pulp using a mini silicon brush (pictured) or your fingers.

How to Make Grated Ginger Juice
Hold the pulp in your fingers and squeeze hard, until all the juices are extracted from the grated ginger.

How to Make Grated Ginger Juice
Pour the ginger juice into a saucer, or directly onto your food to marinade.

How to Make Grated Ginger Juice

10 comments on “How to Make Ginger Juice”

  1. So detailed and clear about extracting the ginger juice! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Where do you buy the ceramic grater ? Pls recommend.

  3. Hi ! Thank you for this sharing. Can you advise where do you buy the cdlic grater ? Thanks.

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  6. How about freezing the ginger n when you need ginger juice just defrost n squeeze the ginger n juice just squirt out

  7. I don’t have a grater, but looking to get ginger juice for a marinate. Is there another way?

    Thanks so much. 


    • I haven’t tried them myself, but I think pounding chopped ginger in a mortar & pestle, or blitzing in a nutribullet, might work. Or you can use ground ginger powder as an alternative to ginger juice for marinating.

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