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Claypot Rice with Beef & Egg

I’m in love with claypot rice, with its smokey flavour and crispy rice crust at the bottom of the claypot. I ate a tasty beef claypot rice topped with raw egg (窩蛋牛肉煲仔飯) in Hong Kong and fell in love with this dish. My version is a homely and easy take on what I ate.

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Since beef cooks quickly, this is a simple and fast recipe – you just need to cook the rice in the claypot, then top it with marinaded beef and an egg. You can enjoy it as a one-pot meal, or serve it with a side dish of oyster sauce vegetables. If you love claypot cooking, check out this article on claypot cooking care and the collection of claypot recipes.

Beef Claypot Rice Recipe

Pictured above are the various stages of cooking beef claypot rice. When the claypot rice is cooked, the dish does not look too appealing with the whole lump of beef on top of the rice, but once you break the runny yolk and mix things up with a spoon, everything comes together like magic in terms of both aesthetics and flavour.

Beef Claypot Rice Recipe

8 comments on “Claypot Rice with Beef & Egg”

  1. Love claypot rice! 窩蛋牛肉 is a favourite!

  2. Looks good! I think the first and last time I ate beef claypot rice with egg was in Hong Kong. Maybe it is time to cook it at home. :)

  3. Looks great! Love the food produced by a claypot too.

  4. Hi, Wiffy, thanks for this wonderful and easy recipe!

    can i cook this using a rice cooker? if yes, do
    i wait for rice to be cooked before i put in the beef? also, how do i ensure thr eggs will be cooked 75% in the rice cooker? i will b cooking for 5 persons. thanks.

  5. The best part is the crispy layer on the claypot surface. It’s like an after-dinner snack.

  6. This recipe inspires me much but do you think I would be right to serve it cold as a summer mixed salad? Thanks!

    • Over in Singapore, this is a dish which is served hot (and the claypot retains heat very well). But I don’t know, maybe you will like it as a cold mixed salad :)

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