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Korean Anchovy Stock

I’ve been cooking more Korean cuisine these few months. So I started to make my own Korean anchovy stock from scratch. This is a versatile soup stock and can be used as a soup base for Japanese (it is similar to dashi stock) and Chinese cooking as well.

Korean Anchovy Stock Recipe

This is a simple recipe with only 2 basic ingredients (anchovy and kombu), which also resembles Japanese dashi stock.

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I usually prepare the soup stock in advance (the night or the weekend before) and store it in either the fridge or freezer, so that on the actual day of cooking, I can whip up any dish in no time at all.

Korean Anchovy Stock Recipe

The difference between home-made and instant soup stock available at the supermarkets is that the home-made version tastes more natural and wholesome, without MSG. So it’s worth the effort to make your own soup stock whenever there’s time.

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Note: Ingredients, seasonings and measurements are at the “Printable Recipe” link above.
Korean Anchovy Stock Recipe I’m using large anchovy (myulchi) that can be purchased from any Korean supermarket. Each anchovy measures about 6-7 cm.
Korean Anchovy Stock Recipe Remove the guts as they may give a bitter taste to the anchovy stock.
Korean Anchovy Stock Recipe Place the anchovies in a disposable soup pouch for convenience.
Korean Anchovy Stock Recipe For the kombu (dried kelp), do not rinse or wash in water. Instead, wipe with a clean damp cloth.
 Korean Anchovy Stock Recipe Soak both anchovies and kombu in water for 20 minutes.
Korean Anchovy Stock Recipe Bring the soup stock to a gentle simmer (as shown). DO NOT bring to rapid boil.
Korean Anchovy Stock Recipe Remove the kombu and anchovy. The anchovy stock is ready to use right away or kept in the fridge/freezer for later use.

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  1. Bet it’s very fresh and flavoursome!

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