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Soya Bean Sprout Kimchi Soup

Happy holidays! This Korean soya bean sprout kimchi soup (Kongnamul Kimchi Guk) is a simple and healthy dish, making it the perfect light meal admist the hectic festive season.

Leftover Soya Bean Sprouts? Try:
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It is also very fast to make especially if you have the anchovy soup stock prepared in advanced (or cheat using instant soup broth).

Korean Bean Sprout Soup Recipe

This soup is mildly sour (from the kimchi), hot (if you add chilli flakes) and savoury. Since it does not use  gochujang (chilli paste), it is more light-tasting but still very flavourful at the same time. The mild red hue you see is from the kimchi and chilli powder.

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Simple ingredients make this soup. You can use vegetable stock to replace the anchovy stock for a totally meatless version.

Korean Bean Sprout Soup Recipe

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  1. Absolutely delightful! Miss soya bean sprouts!

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