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Stir-fried Egg Noodles

Stir-fried Egg Noodles

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Although it’s only in recent years that I started to cook regularly, my interest in cooking goes back a long time ago. When I was in school, stir-fried egg noodles (炒雞蛋面) was one of the few dishes which I experimented and cooked ever so rarely (but always to good reviews) for the family.

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It’s really easy and helps you to clear your fridge of all kinds of leftovers. Cooking and eating this again is really nostalgic.

Stir-fried Egg Noodles

44 comments on “Stir-fried Egg Noodles”

  1. Mmmm…would love this now. My children would eat noodles everyday of I let them!

  2. Oh man, this looks like the fried noodles I used to come home to after primary school. Delicious :)

  3. My daughter and my hubby both love noodles!!

  4. I might have to double the amount for four : ).

  5. What a beautiful-looking noodle stir-fry!

  6. Fried noodle is same with fried rice. We can put everything inside and everyone just love it :)

  7. Looks delicious, I like egg noodles very much :D

  8. I will fry noodle or fry rice whenever I run out of idea what to cook. It saves lots of time to prepare the dish too. Just add whatever ingredients I have in the fridge to clear the stock, hehe…

  9. I also like to fry noodle at home quite often. Just combine and stir fry, can be done in few minutes.

  10. The mix of veggies looks delicious with the noodles!

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