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Ginger and Scallions Beef

Ginger Scallions Beef Recipe

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Ginger and Scallions Beef (姜葱牛肉) is a quick and satisfying stir fry. Beef cooks quickly so the actual cooking is only about 10 minutes. The secret to making the beef slices tender in a stir fry like this is brisk cooking, buying a good cut (such as tenderloin) … and baking soda! Yes, baking soda can be used as a natural meat tenderizer and this extra step makes a world of difference to the texture of the cooked beef.

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I bought ready-sliced beef from my supermarket which takes away most of the effort of preparing this dish. I like to whip this up when I don’t have much time to cook dinner (half hour to cook one rice, one meat dish and one vegetable dish).

Ginger & Scallions

34 comments on “Ginger and Scallions Beef”

  1. One of our fav dish to order when visit the cze char :) and yours sure look great!

  2. I learned something new about the baking soda. This is really a quick dish and has all the flavors I like.

  3. This is one of Kurt’s favorite dishes. I should make this for him! The scallions look great in it.

  4. What a nommy dish — my bf would love this!

  5. For sure, that’s one thing I like about chinese stir frys like this-it’s quick and simple!

  6. This will always remain my firm favourite dish… I get hungry whether I see this classic dish. Yours look really delicious!

  7. I remember buying ready-sliced beef from the supermarket in Singapore. It indeed saves so much trouble and keeps the kitchen much cleaner without prepping meat on the chopping board.

  8. Never knew that about baking soda! Very interesting…gonna pass your tip on to my mom. ^_^ Also, your brown, checked napkins match perfectly with this dish; good choice wiffy!

  9. can the same method be used for 姜葱tian ji ?

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