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Ginger and Scallions Beef

Ginger Scallions Beef Recipe

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Ginger and Scallions Beef (姜葱牛肉) is a quick and satisfying stir fry. Beef cooks quickly so the actual cooking is only about 10 minutes. The secret to making the beef slices tender in a stir fry like this is brisk cooking, buying a good cut (such as tenderloin) … and baking soda! Yes, baking soda can be used as a natural meat tenderizer and this extra step makes a world of difference to the texture of the cooked beef.

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I bought ready-sliced beef from my supermarket which takes away most of the effort of preparing this dish. I like to whip this up when I don’t have much time to cook dinner (half hour to cook one rice, one meat dish and one vegetable dish).

Ginger & Scallions

34 comments on “Ginger and Scallions Beef”

  1. I don’t eat beef but this is a beautiful picture. ^^

  2. Such a delightful dish!

  3. Baking soda! That’s a secret ingredient i didn’t know. Thanks. of course one of the trickiest thing about beef is it toughens up so easily, at least when i try cooking it :P it’s such a pity because beef is expensive

  4. This is a great recipe when these simple ingredients turn into a delicious dish, esp in Switzerland we cannot get hold of exotic cooking ingredients. You have made a great suggestion to my dinner plan : )

  5. One of my favourites! Simple and delicious!

  6. humm… looks good!! fantastic recipe!
    Good job!!

  7. I’ve heard of using baking soda to tender the meat but didn’t try till now. The meat is indeed so much tender but I think I added too much of baking soda or probably marinate it for too long (2 hrs in the fridge) that the meat becomes tasteless. I did wash away the baking soda and then marinate the meat (about half hour) with light and dark soya sauce.

    Qs: is it necessary to wash away the baking soda or it is actually safe to consume?


    • wah 2 hours… I think 15-20 mins will be enough. The baking soda is definitely safe to consume, but may not be very nice to taste, so I personally think it’s better to wash it off :)

  8. Ooh so simple and tasty looking! I’ll definitely try this soon! :) I had no idea about the baking soda! I always had trouble keeping the beef tender without being too undercooked.

  9. Just tried this recipe and it’s yummy! Thanks

  10. Hi, I tried this n it was awesome! But I didn’t get as much sauce as u did in the picture.. Any advice?

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