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Rice Cooker Chicken Rice

Rice Cooker Chicken Rice

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This “rice cooker chicken rice” is my no-pride, lazy and short-cut cooking (my speciality) at its best – chicken rice, cooked in the rice cooker. I have made claypot chicken rice in the rice cooker before, so this is not new.

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Yes, I do have authentic recipe for Hainanese chicken rice, or my mum’s steamed chicken rice, but I reserve this recipe for days I know I will be super busy. All I need is 5 minutes to dump the ingredients in the rice cooker, and I let the rice cooker do the rest of the work – it really can’t get any easier than this.

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If you have have a bit more time to spare, you can make the sauces (links above), as well as cook a quick vegetable side-dish such as oyster sauce vegetables for a complete meal.

Rice Cooker Chicken Rice (Ingredients)

Short-cuts Used

  1. The chicken has already been chopped to small pieces by the wet market uncle. I freeze the bag and thaw the chicken on the day of cooking. Saves me the time and trouble of cutting the chicken.
  2. Store-bought concentrated chicken stock (the tetra-pak types will be better than the stock cubes), unless I happen to have home-made chicken stock sitting in the fridge.
  3. Rice cooker for steaming the rice and chicken at the same time.

43 comments on “Rice Cooker Chicken Rice”

  1. This sounds really easy. I would have thought the need to marinate and saute the chicken in some way first but…really, there is certainly no need to and I buy that!

    • I do that in fact – marinate chicken pieces with salt, a little sugar, soy sauce and ginger slices. Saute with a little sesame oil (the chicken will give out oil) and chuck them into the rice cooker, mix well with grains and water (i don’t use chicken stock or cubes). i find the chicken rice flavorful as well.

  2. This seems like a good recipe for beginners.

  3. Anything short-cut is welcome in the kitchen! :) I know the chicken gets cooked in the end but I feel uncomfortable about putting in raw chicken together with the rice to cook. What happens to the scum and blood that comes out from the chicken when it’s boiled/cooked in the water?

    • Hi KY, the rice remains relatively clean and not a biggie to me. but if you are concerned, you can always stir-fry the chicken until half-cooked, before adding to the rice cooker.

  4. Tried this recipe for dinner today. Cooked 4 cups (rice cooker cup) of rice and 8 chicken drums. The chicken was just right, not under or over cooked. I put the rice in the rice cooker and add chicken stock up to the 3 1/2 cup mark and add 2 teaspoon salt. The rice tasted good, just a bit too soft for my liking. Next time, I think I will add stock up to the 3 cup mark. I normally steam the chicken separately so with this recipe, I save one step. Thanks Wiffy.

    • Hi Tammy, thanks for trying out the recipe. My recipe suggests to “half the amount (of chicken stock) you normally use to cook rice; adjust accordingly” because the juices from the steamed chicken will add on to the stock during cooking, otherwise the rice will turn out too soggy. Hope the adjusted amount will work better for you next time :)

  5. Yes, it’s not new, but all-time favourite in my family. My mum used to cook chicken rice like this. A very convenient way of using rice cooker.

  6. How great this is for a lazy me! :)

  7. Marinading the bird before cooking it in a rice cooker or slow cooker is what I always do, but yes, would love to reserve this for days I run out of time. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I cook it this way too, but with the rice stir-fry with chopped garlic and ginger strips before throwing everything to the rice cooker.

  9. Correction…..not lazy but smart!…haha. I don’t think anyone can tell the difference. Looks very nice. i will eat a big portion :D

  10. Oh! I love this rice cooked with chicken…my mom used to make it, but I never tried to make myself…thanks for the recipe.
    Hope you are enjoying you week Wiffy :)

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