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Pesto Pizza

Pizzas are one of the easiest food to make in the kitchen, well only when you are not making the crust from scratch that is. Since the bulk of the work is taken away with my instant pizza base cheat, I get to experiment with different kinds of pizza sauce and toppings. One of my favourite home creations is a pesto pizza, where freshly made pesto is used as the pizza sauce instead of the usual tomato-based sauce.

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I topped my pesto pizza with grilled eggplants, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and basil. The result is a yummy vegetarian pesto pizza, definitely a welcome and refreshing change from the usual tomato sauce pizza. If you have leftover pesto, check out my 15-minute fast and easy pesto pasta recipe.

Pesto Pizza

12 comments on “Pesto Pizza”

  1. Half-way done provided fresh pesto is already made! But still easy enough if on the same day, one needs to make the pesto and put together the pizza! Hmmm, different story if need to make the pizza base from scratch. I usually use pita bread as the base as it is thicker than tortillas and can hold more ingredients.

  2. I’d love to try this recipe sometime. It sounds so good with the pesto and all the veggies! What a great idea for a pizza. :)

  3. Your topping looks so colourful and appetizing! I bet even those meat lovers can’t resist a bite too. ;)

  4. This looks amazing and I’m excited to make it this week for me and my hubby!

    Thanks for the recipe,

    Grandma Kat

  5. ALl I can say is OMG….

  6. Oh fresh pesto is the best I say! And it makes any pizza base looks good- even better than tomato based! ;)

  7. I loved this healthier pizza of yours!! What a great idea to use pesto as the base and top with vegetable!

  8. I love pesto as the sauce on pizza! And, I love lots of veggies on pizza. Your grilled veggies look fantastic. I want pizza for dinner now!

  9. Cheated or not, it is topped with much power foods and colors!

  10. i never thought of using egg plant with pesto, but i would love to try – your pizza is like a rainbow – super enticing!

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