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Japanese Curry

Japanese Curry Recipe

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Japanese curry or kare (カレー) is a quick, easy and fail-safe meal, making it a great choice for busy or uninspiring nights. Traditionally, you will have to make the roux from scratch using curry powder, flour, oil and seasonings. Today, thanks to the conveniences of modern life, instant curry sauce or roux are widely available in the supermarkets and they are a godsend for lazy cooks like me: you just basically dissolve the curry block into the stew at the last stage of cooking.

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For those who do not take spicy foods, Japanese curry is perfect for you because it is not spicy at all (even those labelled “hot”), in fact it is sweet! You can add a little spicy chilli powder if you can’t live without the fiery kick. I was inspired to make this after seeing how Mochachocolatarita whip up hers so effortlessly in her kitchen. 

Japanese Curry Sauce Mix

I always have instant curry mix (pictured above) in my pantry for emergencies. The basic ingredients for Japanese curry are carrot, potato and onion. In this recipe, the choice of meat is chicken and the curry can be cooked in 30 minutes. You can be creative and experiment with different kind of meat such as beef and leftover ingredients such as mushrooms and hot dogs.

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Note: Ingredients, seasonings and measurements are at the “Printable Recipe” link above.
How to cook Japanese Curry Heat casserole with oil. Add onions and cook until they are soft. Set aside on a plate (I am using a wok so I just push them to one side of the wok).
How to cook Japanese Curry Place chicken pieces (you should cut them bigger than shown in photo as mine was too small) in a single layer in the caserole. Let the chicken pieces brown evenly on all sides. This will allow extra flavours to be released.
How to cook Japanese Curry Add potatoes, carrots and water. Simmer for 20 minutes.
How to cook Japanese Curry Cover with lid partially during simmering. Mine is fully closed because it has an air vent.
How to cook Japanese Curry Once the potatoes are soft, add instant Japanese curry cubes and stir through until dissolved.
How to cook Japanese Curry Adjust the consistency of the curry (simmer for a few more minutes if too watery; add water if the curry is too thick). Season to taste if necessary (example salt, dashi, soy sauce, fish sauce or chilli powder).

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  1. This inspired me! Will try it out tomorrow!

    I’m loving your blog. Everything looks so delicious!

    Thanks for sharing your recipe’s.

  2. I love Japanese curry too! Usually I make mine using beef cubes and I’ll substitute potatoes with daikon and add shitake mushrooms. Daikon is juicy but gotta skin it really well and cook long enough so it won’t leave a bitter taste. Sometimes, I’ll dice apples too, it’s crunchy and sweet and goes really well with the curry. And instead of using cooking oil, I’ll stir fry the ingredients with butter. It’s really aromatic.

  3. What is the serving size for this recipe?

  4. I am going to cook this for 6 people and need to know the serving size so I know how much more ingredients I am going to need.

  5. Turned out great thanks for posting the recipe.

  6. Hello Wiffy, it’s 2x in a day that I’m using your recipes :-) sambal kangkong for lunch and Joe, Japanese curry for dinner ….my boys are happy that we have different ‘never cooked at home before’ dishes :-) thank you!

  7. thumbs up!! it was yummy! hb n son loved it! Thx for the ez step by step instructions…u r so kind ^^

  8. Hi wiffy! may I ask after you added the curry cubes do u need to simmer for very long for the entire curry to turn starchy? Seems like potato is a must have ingredient in order to make the curry thicken? I tried before w/o the potato and it remains watery. I tot I failed as I did not proceed to wait =(

    • no I didn’t simmer very long. I have not tried without potatoes but I think without shouldn’t make so much difference. Did you measure the water? How about reducing the water next time?

    • thanks wiffy! I will try again n let you know if i succeed =)

    • I have made curry with and without potatoes and it doesn’t make the curry watery. The problem is how much water you’ve added. I do recommend you to use less water or more curry cubes :)

  9. Where to buy the curry in the Netherland?


  10. Waar is de japanse curry te koop in nederland?
    De curry die we gebruiken stuurt onze dochter op uit Japan en is Japanse curry van House

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