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Imitation Shark Fin Soup (Fake Fin Soup)

Chinese New Year is a time when families celebrating the occasion get together and indulge in some serious feasting. Nowadays, with society getting more affluent, the food is also getting more elaborate – for example, a luxurious pot of shark fin soup is no longer a rare sight on the dining table. I have avoided shark fin soup due to the cruelty of shark finning and how it had led to a drastic decline in the shark population. I have nothing against those who consume this Chinese delicacy though, nor do I want to be hypocritical about it since I’m not a vegetarian.

Imitation Shark Fin (Fake Fin)

However, since I have full control over what I cook at home, I prefer to cook imitation shark fin soup where the fake fin is essentially made with gelatin (see picture above). 

Imitation Shark Fin Soup Recipe

For those who have tasted the real shark fin soup before, you may agree with me that the fin is largely tasteless, with the flavour contributed by the rich soup broth.

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While imitation shark fin may lose out slightly in terms of texture to the real thing, the firm texture of the imitation fin still gives it a good bite. Best of all, it cost a tiny fraction of the price (I bought a packet for less than S$10) and it is a much kinder option you can consider amidst this festive season.

54 comments on “Imitation Shark Fin Soup (Fake Fin Soup)”

  1. It looks yummy! Super excited that that you opted for faux shark fins – a great sustainable alternative!

  2. I have had this soup many years ago. Yours looks so appetizing.

    have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I totally agree with you that shark fin is pretty much tasteless and the broth plays a lot of tricks! I think I tasted the real shark fin when I was pretty young and I wasn’t really a big fan of it.
    I don’t know why but I think people should stop eating shark fin, looking how cruel it is to kill sharks just for the fins. The sharks are getting extinct.

  4. Looks almost like the real thing. Not sure whether I can get the imitation shark fin here or not.

  5. Hi wiffy, any tips on digging crab meat from crabs? Or are frozen packs a better choice?

  6. It looks better than the real shark fin soup and I bet it must be also better than the real one :)

  7. This is a great Chinese New Year dish!

    Me and my brother are totally against shark fins. We are slowly converting our parents to go our way.

    I don’t think we should celebrate something as important as Chinese New Year (or weddings or birthdays) by eating our way through shark fins. It is awful.

  8. I have not had shark’s fin for a long time too! Thanks for showing me a great way to cook imitation shark’s fin, looks sooo yummy!!

  9. Never knew imitation shark fin existed. :P Love the rustic and natural theme of this photo set….very beautiful, especially the last photo!

  10. I wonder if I can get these imitation shark fins in Sydney! Your dish looks so good. I am going to look for them and must try this recipe soon.

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