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Hong Kong Style Instant Noodles

Note: Updated with recipe on page 2 which was previously missing. Sorry!

Today is the fifth day of Singapore’s partial lockdown (#circuitbreakersg), I hope everyone is adapting well to staying safe by staying home. Luncheon meat (spam) and instant noodles seems like the most popular foodstuff that were wiped out during the first waves of our country’s panic supermarket sprees. With these two ingredients, I thought of making Hong Kong style instant noodles, aka gong zai mian (港式公仔面) which is a popular breakfast dish at the tea cafes (茶餐厅) in Hong Kong.

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Since we probably can’t travel for quite a while, eating this dish makes me reminisce about the good food in Hong Kong and I look forward to the day we can travel overseas again. As an instant noodles dish, this isn’t too shabby, cos we have an egg, (luncheon) meat and greens in one bowl.

Hong Kong Style Instant Noodles Recipe (Ingredients)

These are the ingredients for one person. For authenticity, use the popular Nissin 出前一丁  though if it is perfectly fine to use any brand of instant noodles. Ham (火腿公仔面) can be used in place of luncheon meat (午餐肉公仔面). For greens, I used baby Shanghai green which can be replaced with any available greens.

Hong Kong Style Instant Noodles Recipe (Ingredients)
To start, simply make sunny side up egg(s) and pan fry the meat until lightly seared.

(By the way, here’s a fun trivial shared by Hong Kong reader modaciter via comment (thanks!) on the origins of the dish name. Apparently, the word “gong zai” (公仔/doll) was not due to the cute boy mascot on Nissin’s packaging pictured above.  Before Nissin’s 出前一丁, there was another brand of instant noodles called Doll Brand  whose Chinese name is “公仔麵”. Its popularity leads to 公仔面 becoming the “official” name for instant noodles, regardless of the brand of ramen noodles used.)

Hong Kong Style Instant Noodles Recipe (Cooking)

In a small pot, cook the instant noodles and greens with the powder soup sachet provided. You can also cook the noodles separately to remove the “wax” first if you have this practice. I used a personal-sized pot from Daiso which is the perfect size for one person. You can cook the instant noodles and eat straight from the pot later. It saves the effort of having one less bowl to wash up :p

Hong Kong Style Instant Noodles Recipe (公仔面)
Top noodles with the previously cooked luncheon meat (or ham) and sunny side up egg. Enjoy home cooking (even if they are instant noodles) during this period!

First posted in Oct 2009, updated in Apr 2020.

55 comments on “Hong Kong Style Instant Noodles”

  1. Man that looks good… My personal favorite is Sapporo Ichiban and like you, I have to have it almost firm. I can tell by the look of the noodle when it’s still thin, but just about see-through. If it’s overcooked I can’t STAND it.

    • Hi, I have not tried Sapporo Ichiban before but it sounds delish and I hope to try it soon. You have a really nice blog, thanks for visiting me and I’m glad to discover your site :)

  2. Once in a while I like instant noodles…my favorite one is the one that has soy bean paste, I cannot remember the name, but sure can identify it at the store. Like you I al ways add veggies and egg :-) Yours look very inviting…

  3. hehehe wah! chut chin yat ding! it’s super popular in hk, you normally have to add HK$2 to get this (or they use”fook” noodles).

    I like fook noodles more as the texture is more forgiving when overcooked.

    I like my chut chin yat ding almost raw, simply dipped into hot water for a super short period of time, and i have to pretty much inhale it. cos it gets soggy so freaking rapidly…the local hongkongers love love LOVE this noodle so so SO much…

    well done for doing yours almost exactly like the char chan teng version, only healthier (with veggie hehe), most popular toppings are: ng heung yuk ding (spiced pork cubes), satay beef, or suet choi yuk si (preserved veggie with meat pieces)

    • I’m adding “fook” noodles to the list of foods to try if I go HK :-)

      It’s nothing like having someone living in HK to tell me about HK food.

      I think I’ve tried the spiced pork version before but I almost forgot the taste because it’s been so long! I think it’s some brand of canned pork cubes? Hope you feature it on your site one day ;)

  4. We love this at home too!! My husband calls it 安然消魂面 after that Stephen Chow’s show. LOL This is his comfort food. ;) But we prefer Tung-1 instant noodles. Sometimes, I used it to make 炸酱面 too.

    • oh my family is a huge fan of 周星驰 as well. Just hearing his name alone made me wanna lol :D

      I really need to try this Tung-1 instant noodles (tigerfish commented about them too). It sounds like a great idea to use it for 炸酱面. Thanks for the tips :)

  5. Glad to hear you like Hong Kong food : )

  6. Nothing beats the original 出前一丁 with sesame oil…brings back childhood memories in HK when I’d have it for breakfast (or dinner if my mum’s too lazy to cook!) Having said that Indomie or Nissan cup noodle (spicy seafood or chilli crab) are great for a late night snack! :D

    btw I love your little emoticons – how does it work?

    • Hi there! At first I confused you with the commenter above you, coz her blog name is gourmet traveller too, but with an 88, hee

      I think we share similar tastes in instant noodles :-)

      You see those smilies below the type box? Just click once and the code for the smiley will appear in the type box, and the smiley will appear in your comment when it’s published. You don’t have to copy and paste the path. Is that what you’re asking?

      Thanks for visiting me :-)

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  8. yum~! you make even the simplest dishes look good!

  9. I’ve been following your blog for quite a while and enjoying your wealth of good recipes. When Foodista announced that they are going to publish the best food blogs in a full color book that will be published by Andrews McMeel Publishing Fall 2010, I naturally thought of you. This recipe would be a good submission! You can enter here: http://www.foodista.com/blogbook/submit


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