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Cheater Shrimp Wonton Soba Noodle Soup

Yesterday was day 1 of #circuitbreakersg. To others outside of Singapore, “circuit-breaker” is our name for a partial nation lockdown due to the covid-19 virus. Schools & malls are closed and most people have to work from home for the next three weeks. This cheater shrimp wonton soba noodle soup was my quick 15-minute dinner, thanks to a box of ready made frozen raw shrimp wonton. I added soba noodles, mushrooms and Chinese spinach to go with the shrimp wontons, making this a healthy one-dish meal.

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Cheater Shrimp Wonton Soba Noodle Soup Recipe

Cheater Shrimp Wonton Soba Noodle Soup Recipe

Frozen Shrimp Wonton Dumplings
The cheat comes in the form of a box of frozen shrimp wonton. You can use any favourite brand of frozen shrimp wonton for this recipe.

Frozen Shrimp Wonton Dumplings
The frozen uncooked wontons also came with 2 sachets of soup powder. You can use any instant soup (such as stock cube, tetra pak chicken stock or home-made clear soup stock).

Soba, Dried Mushrooms, Carrots
To start, I boiled soba, carrot and dried mushrooms all in the same pot (pictured above) since the cooking duration is the same. That saved me a lot of time. When they were done, I took them out from the pot and ran the noodles under tap water to cool them down. After this, I blanched some Chinese spinach using the same water.

Ingredients (Soba, Dried Mushrooms, Carrots, Spinach)
This was my prepared soba, mushrooms and spinach. I actually made a bigger serving earlier in the day for lunch which I used to make oyster soba noodle soup. The remaining half was used for this shrimp wonton dinner so I saved a lot of time using the same base with two different noodle toppings.

Cooked Shrimp Wontons
I boiled the wontons for a few minutes until they were cooked.

Cheater Shrimp Wonton Soba Noodle Soup Recipe
To serve, I decided to separate the wonton soup from the soba noodles. First I distributed the cooked soba, mushrooms & carrots to serving bowls.

Cheater Shrimp Wonton Soba Noodle Soup Recipe
When the wontons were done, I added them to the wonton soup bowl.

Finally, I ladled the hot soup over the contents.

Cheater Shrimp Wonton Soba Noodle Soup Recipe
A single person serving comes with a bowl of soba and a bowl of shrimp wonton soup. I hope everyone keeps healthy and stay safe & well-nourished during this period.

3 comments on “Cheater Shrimp Wonton Soba Noodle Soup”

  1. Those shrimp wontons look so GOOD!

  2. Hope you are staying well and healthy too!

    Did you have any trouble in the supermarkets? Saw those photos posted in social media – seems crowded ! :O

    There is also partial lock-down here called “shelter-in-place/stay home” (been almost 3 wks !). Because it is not as convenient as last time to go grocery shopping, I also buy more in each trip compared to last time; and yes, I currently have frozen dumplings in my freezer too.

    • I didn’t join in the queue as I can’t handle crowds. So I did not manage to buy much until the soft lockdown begin. Luckily our supermarkets remain open, even eateries and restaurants (no dine-ins, for takeaway only). Like you said, these are unprecedented times indeed! Be well my dear friend!

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