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How to Crisp Soggy Roast Pork Crackling in the Oven

This is a short tutorial on how to crisp soggy roast pork crackling by reheating it in the oven. It works for both home-made or store bought roast pork (siu yok/烧肉). The crackling skin to me is the most delicious part of the roast pork so it is worthwhile to restore its crispiness before eating. This tutorial was made with supermarket roast pork which was refrigerated overnight. The skin had become soggy but it was restored to crackling blissfulness after reheating.

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During #CircuitBreakerSG (aka “soft lockdown” in Singapore), the supermarkets, wet markets & eateries (takeaway only) are still business as usual. So one can still buy roasted pork from selected supermarkets or wet markets. For this reason, I don’t cook three meals a day because that is too taxing (lazy). At least one meal a day will be easy like this one with cooked meat as a short-cut.

Crackling Roast Pork Salad Recipe

Chinese restaurants love to serve perfectly crispy roast pork as an appetizer dish. You can achieve the same heavenly crispiness at a fraction of the cost. I also use the crispy roast pork as a salad topping, turning a boring salad to a luxurious one


This is a packet of roast pork strips I bought from the supermarket. It got it inexpensively for about S$8 at Prime Supermarket.  You can purchase roast pork at selected supermarkets & at wet markets’ Chinese roast meat stalls.

How to Crisp Soggy Roast Pork Crackling
The skin has lost its glorious crackle after sitting in the fridge overnight. I want to restore that.

How to Crisp Soggy Roast Pork Crackling
Place the roast pork piece(s) on a sheet pan lined with baking paper.

How to Crisp Soggy Roast Pork Crackling (Oven Rack)
Place the tray at the topmost rack as shown above. The heating coil is directly above, so the heat will be intense. For my oven, I can use either the “fan grill” or “grill” modes, while many ovens call this the “broiler” mode. Choose any mode that delivers the direct heat from the top heating element. Preheating is not essential (since this is not pastry making), so I put the tray into the oven for 10 minutes right from the start.

P.S. this is a little peek at my new kitchen.

How to Crisp Soggy Roast Pork Crackling
After 10 minutes (time may vary slightly depending on your oven), this is what the roast pork looks like.

How to Crisp Soggy Roast Pork Crackling
To test if the skin crackles, just pat it gently with a spoon. If you hear crackling, it is a success.

How to Crisp Soggy Roast Pork Crackling
Slice and serve :)

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  1. My absolute NO.1 favourite! I could easily devour a whole pound at one go! The salad looks mega delicious :-))

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