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Hong Kong Style Instant Noodles

Note: Updated with recipe on page 2 which was previously missing. Sorry!

Today is the fifth day of Singapore’s partial lockdown (#circuitbreakersg), I hope everyone is adapting well to staying safe by staying home. Luncheon meat (spam) and instant noodles seems like the most popular foodstuff that were wiped out during the first waves of our country’s panic supermarket sprees. With these two ingredients, I thought of making Hong Kong style instant noodles, aka gong zai mian (港式公仔面) which is a popular breakfast dish at the tea cafes (茶餐厅) in Hong Kong.

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Since we probably can’t travel for quite a while, eating this dish makes me reminisce about the good food in Hong Kong and I look forward to the day we can travel overseas again. As an instant noodles dish, this isn’t too shabby, cos we have an egg, (luncheon) meat and greens in one bowl.

Hong Kong Style Instant Noodles Recipe (Ingredients)

These are the ingredients for one person. For authenticity, use the popular Nissin 出前一丁  though if it is perfectly fine to use any brand of instant noodles. Ham (火腿公仔面) can be used in place of luncheon meat (午餐肉公仔面). For greens, I used baby Shanghai green which can be replaced with any available greens.

Hong Kong Style Instant Noodles Recipe (Ingredients)
To start, simply make sunny side up egg(s) and pan fry the meat until lightly seared.

(By the way, here’s a fun trivial shared by Hong Kong reader modaciter via comment (thanks!) on the origins of the dish name. Apparently, the word “gong zai” (公仔/doll) was not due to the cute boy mascot on Nissin’s packaging pictured above.  Before Nissin’s 出前一丁, there was another brand of instant noodles called Doll Brand  whose Chinese name is “公仔麵”. Its popularity leads to 公仔面 becoming the “official” name for instant noodles, regardless of the brand of ramen noodles used.)

Hong Kong Style Instant Noodles Recipe (Cooking)

In a small pot, cook the instant noodles and greens with the powder soup sachet provided. You can also cook the noodles separately to remove the “wax” first if you have this practice. I used a personal-sized pot from Daiso which is the perfect size for one person. You can cook the instant noodles and eat straight from the pot later. It saves the effort of having one less bowl to wash up :p

Hong Kong Style Instant Noodles Recipe (公仔面)
Top noodles with the previously cooked luncheon meat (or ham) and sunny side up egg. Enjoy home cooking (even if they are instant noodles) during this period!

First posted in Oct 2009, updated in Apr 2020.

55 comments on “Hong Kong Style Instant Noodles”

  1. Instant noodles, I love it!! Oh my, I’m hungry now…

    中秋节快乐!!! :lol:

  2. Instant noodles never looked this good! I have to admit, I love instant noodles too. There are times I didn’t feel like eating anything else except instant noodles. The way you’ve prepared this is delicious!

  3. Love instant noodle too, a quick lunch for me. Usually, I was too lazy to provide any topping. :P

  4. Instant noodle is my guilty pleasure. Once in a while, I must have my fix. :)

  5. I haven’t eaten instant noodles recently, but I like 出前一丁, too. I like the flavor of sesame :D oil in ramen.

  6. Love these noodles! I see that the packaging for your area is different than what is imported into the US. Or maybe it is because I haven’t had one of these for a year now! I also like it with the egg but I haven’t added meat or vegetables before. Usually serve those on the side.

  7. I would love to have it anytime of the day. :) Here, I can’t find the seafood noodles soup for Chu Qian Yi Ding. That’s delicious.

    • I gotta try the seafood one from Chu Qian Yi Ding next time. I’ve only tried seafood for Nissin cup noodles and it’s my fave cup noodles.

  8. Gimme five! Tell me about it … the assumption that food bloggers feast everyday! That’s why I did a post on leftovers … to show that the reverse is true :) I actually ta-pau as often as I cook! How not to, in SG? And I never allow my inventory of instant noodles to run low ;) Great post, great pics!

    • Thanks! Yea I “ta pau” and had my fair share of sloppy eats and kitchen disasters, and it’s more often than not, opps hehe :|

  9. I did not know they use Chu Qian Yi Ding brand for Gong Zai noodles. I used to like Tung-I also…for the Q texture.

  10. Instant noodles are the bomb. I have some that I’ve been trying to decide what to do with. Never would have thought to put a fried egg on top, I might just have to try that out.

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