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Easy Christmas Recipes

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Cranberry Sauce Muffins Irish Beef Stew Shrimp Aglio Olio
Christmas Muffins Chocolate Lava Cake Christmas Biscuits
Chicken Caesar Salad Roast Chicken with Garlic, Lemon & Thyme Roast Chicken
Easy Christmas Recipes

If you are planning to cook this Christmas, check out this little collection of easy Christmas recipes.

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I really love home-cooking during Christmas, because I know our restaurants are really expensive and crowded during the festive season, and I would personally prefer to enjoy a cozy Christmas by cooking for my loved ones. Here are 10 easy Christmas cooking ideas.

Christmas Muffins
1. Christmas Muffins

With less than a month to Christmas, get into the festive mood now by baking these lovely Christmas muffins with cranberries, pecans & orange. I absolutely love the citrusy aroma that fills the kitchen when they are baking!

Christmas Biscuits
2. Christmas Biscuits

These Christmas biscuits are not just pretty to look at and delicious to eat; they also make a great, personalized gift for your loved ones.

3. Roast Chicken
Roast Chicken with Lo Mai Kai Stuffing
East-meets-West Roast Chicken with Glutinous Rice (Lo Mai Kai) Stuffing
Every Christmas, I roast a chicken instead of turkey because my oven is way too small to fit a whole turkey. We are not sad about it though – for we find chicken much cheaper, the meat more tender and I don’t have to worry about how to store or thaw the frozen bird (I buy a fresh chicken from the wet market on the day I’m cooking). Don’t forget to roast some vegetables together with the poultry – not only do the roasting chicken flavour the vegetables, you also save energy consumption by cooking them all at the same time. And one last tip – save the roasted chicken bones to make the best-ever chicken broth. Check out all roast chicken recipes.

Cranberry Sauce
4. Cranberry Sauce

Whether you are roasting a chicken or turkey, cranberry sauce is sure to add a festive touch to your roasts. Believe me when I say that it is really easy to make your own cranberry sauce. After you have made your own cranberry sauce, you probably will never buy pre-made canned sauces again!

Cranberry Sauce Muffins
5. Cranberry Sauce Muffins

If you have leftover cranberry sauce after Christmas Day, bake these lovely Cranberry Sauce Muffins while the festive mood is still lingering. For me, I don’t make these muffins because of the leftover sauce, but it is actually the other way round – I make cranberry sauce so I can bake these muffins!

6. Salads
Chicken Caesar Salad Chicken Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing
left: Chicken Caesar Salad; right: Chicken salad with honey-mustard dressing
Amidst all the feasting, don’t neglect the greens. Your roast chicken can be paired with a sweet-tasting honey-mustard salad dressing or the more sav0ury caesar salad sauce.

7. Easy pasta dishes
Spaghetti Bolognese Shrimp Aglio Olio
left: Spaghetti Bolognese; right: Prawn/Shrimp Aglio Olio
If you are having a romantic dinner for two, skip the roasts and indulge in some easy pasta one-dish meals such as the classic Bolognese Spaghetti. You can even prepare the bolognese sauce a few days in advance, freeze the sauce in freezer bags and thaw whenever needed for some “instant” cooking.

Irish Beef Stew
8. Hearty Irish Beef Stew

For a more robust meal than chicken or turkey, slow-cook an Irish beef stew which is not only effortless (the oven is doing most of the work) but also warms your tummy during the cooler season.

Chocolate Lava Cake
9. Chocolate Lava Cake

Leave some room for dessert by making the so-easy Chocolate Lava Cake. They are pretty fail-safe too – even if you do not achieve the oozing molten chocolate lava when the cake is cut in the middle, you will still get a delicious and moist chocolate cake. Either way, you are sure to delight your dinner guests.

Raspberry Lemonade
10. Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

I love home-made lemonade and come Christmas, I add sparkling juice and raspberries to my basic lemonade recipe for extra festive cheer.

Happy cooking and celebrating!

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  1. Easy yet quite a substantial spread to usher the Christmas mood!

  2. Hi, I really love your roast the chicken…it looked so moist and juicy! I have tried roasting a chicken on a rack but the chicken skin was stuck on it. May I know how did you perfect it?


  3. Everything looks so delicious I just can´t believe my eyes! I will definitely try my skills at baking those yummy muffins, I hope my friends will appreciate it!

  4. you got me sold at the christmas muffins and the lava cake! definitely great to get all my christmas ideas from your one page :)

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