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NoobCook’s 2010 Picks, Happy 2011!

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On the last day of every year, I will post a round-up of my favourite recipes. So here is a round-up of my favourite recipes from each month of 2010:

1) January – Chocolate Lava Cake
2) February – Yee Sang (Chinese New Year Raw Fish Salad)
3) March – Chinese Tea Leaf Eggs
4) April – Chrysanthemum Tea Jelly
5) May – Baked Salmon with Pesto Wrapped in Foil
6) June – Blueberry Muffins
7) July – Steamed Prawns with Garlic
8) August –  Braised Pork Belly in Soy Sauce
9) September – Sesame Oil Chicken
10) October – Chicken & Daikon Soup
11) November – Soy Bean Milk
12) December – Bacon Roasted Potatoes

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Thanks for visiting my site and sharing your comments with me. I hope to continue cooking and sharing my recipes here in 2011.

Have a delicious and food-ful new year! ♥

17 comments on “NoobCook’s 2010 Picks, Happy 2011!”

  1. Dear Wiffy,
    Happy 2011! Looking forward to more wonderful creations from the Noobcooking Academy. I have learned so much from yr blog. Thanks for sharing yr recipes and knowledge. All the best for the New Year!

  2. Happy 2011. And have a delicious and food-ful new year to you too!

  3. Wiffy, Happy New Year!! May 2011 be off to a great and yummy start!

  4. Happy New Year ♥
    Moltissimi Auguri
    per uno splendido 2011

  5. Beautiful! Happy New Year noobcook :D x

  6. Thanks everyone for your lovely messages and have a great 2011!

  7. What a lovely year 2010 was and I can’t wait to see more delicious recipes and tutorials here. Happy New Year, girl!

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