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Chinese Cabbage Soup

Cabbage Soup with Pork Ribs is a Chinese soup that my mum cooked so frequently in the past that I think she almost cooked it to death at one point in time.

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The timing for cooking the cabbage in this soup recipe is very important. For me, it is usually about 10-15 minutes of boiling the cabbage. If undercooked, the cabbage is quite hard with a “raw” vegetable taste; on the other hand, if overcooked, they start to taste mushy and sour which is not desirable as well. When cooked just right, the deep and sweet flavour of the cabbage shines through and complements the other naturally sweet ingredients like corn, carrots, pork ribs and dried scallops. This is such a simple and nourishing pot of soup. After making it, I realised why my mum liked to cook it so frequently in the past.

Chinese Cabbage Soup Recipe

32 comments on “Chinese Cabbage Soup”

  1. Love this simple and nourishing soup! Love to put cabbage in the soup and my kids love it :)

  2. Soup’s on!
    NC, the vibrant colors of your soup drew me in!
    And what a nice respite from the Christmas’ cookies overload.

  3. wow! dried scallops in the soup! must be good.. :)

  4. I used to love cabbage until I was told that they have *cooling* properties – not great for a person who have cold feet and hands.

    So I get around it by adding ginger slices or ginger powder to counter the effect. :)

  5. You know I am a fan of cabbage! I love them in any way, but uncooked ones (raw) are my least favorite.

  6. The simplicity of this soup is just so beautiful and anything ones mom makes has to be good…right?

  7. recently, i have learned that veges make very good base for soups as well. This is a good example of that. And fulfilling! A light tasty soup.

  8. I wonder if this soup freezes well :P looking for easy solutions to weeknight dinners.

    • I’ve never tried freezing Chinese soups before, if it’s just the soup alone like freezing chicken broth, perhaps it can be done. If you do try it, let me know ;)

  9. I love cabbage soup too! Usually I get those cabbage that are the long type. Better for soup and curry. They won’t go mushy fast. The round ones are better for stir-fry and are sweeter than the long ones. ;) And I love raw cabbage as salad. :)

    • I like those long cabbage too, for this recipe I try to copy my mum who always uses round cabbage in this soup. Ahhh I cannot stomach raw cabbage heh >.<

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