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Ichiran Shrimp Tan-Men

I made this Ichiran shrimp tan-men using an instant Ichiran ramen kit. I was practising my upcoming Japanese tan-men recipe with it. Another short-cut I used was ready-to-eat cooked shrimps sold at Don Don Donki. Overall, this Ichiran shrimp tan-men looked and tasted healthy, even though it was instant! The shrimp & tan-men vegetables were certainly a refreshing change from the usual ramen toppings.

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Ichiran Shrimp Tan-Men Recipe


  1. Instant Ichiran Ramen

Instant Ichiran Ramen Box

This is my box of instant Ichiran Ramen which I bought online. You can also find it at Don Don Donki. Each serving (one bowl) consists of a bundle of dried noodles and a sachet of soup base & chilli powder each.

2. Shrimp Tan-Men Ingredients

Shrimp Tan-Men Ingredients

  • I used ready-to-eat boiled shrimps from Don Don Donki as a short-cut.
  • I used vegetables (chives, carrot, beansprouts, fungus and cabbage) typically used in Japanese tan-men for my ramen. They made my ramen bowl healthier and more colourful.


Ichiran Shrimp Tan-Men (Step-by-Step)

  • Fry all the vegetables in a little bit of oil in a wokpan.
  • Add water and instant ramen soup base, simmer briefly until the cabbage is just cooked.
  • Add boiled shrimps (prawns) to the soup while it is still hot.
  • Boil the dried ramen noodles for 2-3 minutes depending on desired firmness.

Ichiran Shrimp Tan-Men Recipe

Ladle the noodles, toppings and soup to a serving bowl and enjoy immediately.

3 comments on “Ichiran Shrimp Tan-Men”

  1. Those prawns are so plump and good!

  2. Think I hv seen instant Ichiran Ramen here but they are super expensive, so I did not buy it.

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