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Chinese Cabbage Soup

Cabbage Soup with Pork Ribs is a Chinese soup that my mum cooked so frequently in the past that I think she almost cooked it to death at one point in time.

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The timing for cooking the cabbage in this soup recipe is very important. For me, it is usually about 10-15 minutes of boiling the cabbage. If undercooked, the cabbage is quite hard with a “raw” vegetable taste; on the other hand, if overcooked, they start to taste mushy and sour which is not desirable as well. When cooked just right, the deep and sweet flavour of the cabbage shines through and complements the other naturally sweet ingredients like corn, carrots, pork ribs and dried scallops. This is such a simple and nourishing pot of soup. After making it, I realised why my mum liked to cook it so frequently in the past.

Chinese Cabbage Soup Recipe

32 comments on “Chinese Cabbage Soup”

  1. cabbage is nice, but let me nibble all the pork ribs in this soup for you hehehehe

  2. A light and flavourful soup! I actually like to pour the soup into the steamed rice….enjoy that kind of mess. :-))

  3. Love this soup. We grew up eating lots of this, minutes the dried scallops because they are too expensive. I still cook it quite often. My family likes it.

  4. This is definitely a comforting dish for me, I like both drinking the soup and eating the ingredients : ).

  5. I actually love Chinese cabbage hehe so this soup is right up my alley! thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh yay a new cabbage recipe! I love cabbage for it’s flavor and so many health benefits, but I only have about 2 stirfry recipes that I alternate between. This’ll be a refreshing alternative for sure.

  7. My mother makes cabbage soup is DELICIOUS!!!!! I dun eat the cabbage,I only like drinking the soup.

  8. Hi the recipe doesn’t indicate when. Add the corn? Michelle

  9. Finally got to try cooking this soup! It’s really light and I love how the natural flavors of the corn, carrots and cabbage come together. The cabbage really adds a different dimension to the soup! Making it completely different from the usual corn and carrot soup. I used a slice of dried abalone instead of dried scallops and it was delish too :)

  10. if i have no strength to cut the corn into large chunks, can i just put the whole corn inside? if not pls help me. =(

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