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Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice

I just bought a new oven (Rowenta Pro 9080) a few weeks back and the first thing I cooked with it is my favourite baked rice. The photo you see above is the baked rice freshly out of the oven, taken on my kitchen countertop.

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As a kid, it was such a treat to eat baked rice at Swensen’s and now as an adult, it is an even greater treat to be able to cook this at home – baked rice anytime I want, with unlimited variations (check out the links above).

Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice Recipe

I love the end result  – the taste of this recipe is quite close to Swensen’s baked rice which I simply adore since young, thanks to CookBake Legacy whom I referenced and adapted the recipe from. If you are having a home party, bake this in disposable aluminium tray for fuss-free clean ups – this recipe can feed quite a few folks and so far, it has been a hit with my friends.

Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice Recipe

192 comments on “Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice”

  1. Hey! Just tried this recipe with my own personal touch! Instead of cooking the rice in the rice cooker, you could also cook it in the saucepan with low heat by adding water and covering it with the lid. Somehow it leaves a slightly different, more flavourful taste! Tastes great :) thank you for this recipe, the family loves it

  2. Daiso fish bowls? :P kekeke…
    Look at that golden brown cheese crust at the surface… must be so fragrant, and delicious !

  3. Where did you buy the fish dish from? It’s adorable!

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  5. This recipe is so much similiar to swensen bake rice. My sons love it so much. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Hi, just wondering whether I can omit the canned soup? Thinking of making this for my little one & don’t want to use any canned food. Thanks.

  7. Hi Wiffy, when you mention 1.5 cups rice, does it mean the rice measuring cup that comes with the cooker or 1.5 cups in US measurements? I’m terrible at estimating portions.

    • Use the rice cooker cup. Although even if you use the US cup, that will be all right too, as long as u use the same cup for measuring the rice and water (you will get a bit more rice than the Asian cup).

  8. what equipments did u use cuz i needed the info to do my project? :p

    • Could u cook the recipe once OR read through the recipe to see what type of equipment you may need? I can guide you if there is anything you might have missed out.

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  10. Hi wiffy, for the water in the rice cooker, do I measure 1.5 beforen or after adding the contents (chicken, mushroom & rice)?

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