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Microwave Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder

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Clam chowder in under 30 minutes? Yes, it is possible thanks to the wonders of the microwave oven which cooks food in the fraction of the time. Another short cut I used is canned clams. Instead of steaming or boiling fresh clams, I use a can of pacific clams (both clams and clams broth), which also turns out to be a great time saver. I dress up the soup in a cute edible soup bowl (I bought mine from Soup Spoon) which is reminisce of the clam chowder served in sour dough bread bowl I had in San Francisco.

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The final result looks quite gourmet to me. Try this recipe when you have guests over – they may be surprised when you tell them that you whipped this up in a microwave oven!

Clam Chowder

I am using the pacific clams (鲍贝/bao bei) which is commonly used for steamboat, but you may use any type of canned clams.

Note: This recipe was first written for and published on Samsung SG microwave campaign microsite in 2010 (now offline).

16 comments on “Microwave Clam Chowder”

  1. I am such a fan of clam chowder but always thought it takes a long time to make- now I know!

  2. Where did u get ur bread bowl from? Do u buy a round bread, cut off the top and scoop off the centre bread for a hallow?

    • Hi, I got the bread bowl from Soup Spoon, I have updated my post. You can ask them to hollow the center for me, as what I did.

  3. Please let me know which deli sells the bread bowl and how much it costs? Thank you.

    • Hi, I got the bread bowl from Soup Spoon, I have updated my post. I can’t remember how much I paid for it, was under S$10.

  4. Hi,

    Could you recommend places the buy the bread bowl from? How much does it cost?

    Also, if I were to buy canned Pacific clams – where should I get it from? Which brand should I go for and how much does it cost? Would the taste vary considerably if I use fresh clams? How different would the cooking be if I were to use the fresh ones?

    Hope to hear from you soon! :)

    • Hi, I got the bread bowl from Soup Spoon, I have updated my post.

      I got the pacific clams at local supermarkets. Any brand will do, my personal favourite is Golden Chef. Yes you can use fresh clams, but need to soak and scrub them first, steam it until the shells opened and take out the meat.

  5. Happy New Year to you and all the best.  I am a great fan of clam chowder and this presentation in a bread bowl is amazing.  Haha 2 in 1!                               

  6. I love clam chowder! How nice to get this recipe, and there isn’t much cleaning up to do after the cooking.

  7. What a great looking chowder! I love clam chowder!

  8. 请问什么是pure cream?

    • Hi there is a photo above (first in the series of six photos) which shows the cream. You can it at local supermarkets. Other types of cream (e.g. thickened cream) can do also.

  9.  How much is the edible bowl? Suddenly I think of the Golden Pillow – bread with curry chicken inside…hahaha!

  10. Looks so creamy and delicious. The bread bowl is a special touch as opposed to regular bowl. Even I would try this soup! :) Gonna attempt to make your choco chip cookies soon.

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