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10-minute Egg Fried Rice

First Posted in Nov 2009, updated in Apr 2016.

This 10-minute egg fried rice is an egg-tremely (can’t resist the bad pun) fast and simple dish to whip up using minimal ingredients. My mum used to cook this “emergency fried rice” during fresh food shortages in the pantry, and now so do I too.

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All you need is some overnight refrigerated rice, eggs, garlic, shallots and simple seasonings. You will get a plate of fragrant fried rice that tastes good on its own. And with this base fried rice recipe, you can whip up other fried rice variations (such as prawn and yangzhou fried rice; upcoming recipes).

Egg Fried Rice Recipe

39 comments on “10-minute Egg Fried Rice”

  1. Love the simplicity of this rice dish…yummie!
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  2. This is a lovely fried rice! Egg and green onion are my favorite parts of fried rice anyway, so this is perfect.

  3. This looks yummy! I made a fried rice last night – all from leftovers. So quick and easy. :lol:

  4. you wouldn’t believe me but i only discovered egg fried rice in England?! i mean i knew what fried rice was in Singapore and i loved it but never knew what egg fried rice was til I was outta the country hanging out with my British mates. how odd. this looks lovely. and the recipe’s a real keeper ;) x

  5. first of all, yum! 2nd, wow! quick and easy. 3rd = i have the same mini casserole but without the handles. don’t we all love daisho?

  6. Gimme this for my breakfast tomorrow, please.

  7. love fried rice you have a great site

  8. love fried rice!! soo yummy and easy to do! :XO:

  9. LOL! I make this all the time, except that I add a small knob of butter to the oil. Great shot!


  10. This is really simple and easy! Love egg fried rice!

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