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10-minute Egg Fried Rice

First Posted in Nov 2009, updated in Apr 2016.

This 10-minute egg fried rice is an egg-tremely (can’t resist the bad pun) fast and simple dish to whip up using minimal ingredients. My mum used to cook this “emergency fried rice” during fresh food shortages in the pantry, and now so do I too.

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All you need is some overnight refrigerated rice, eggs, garlic, shallots and simple seasonings. You will get a plate of fragrant fried rice that tastes good on its own. And with this base fried rice recipe, you can whip up other fried rice variations (such as prawn and yangzhou fried rice; upcoming recipes).

Egg Fried Rice Recipe

39 comments on “10-minute Egg Fried Rice”

  1. Oh yes, quick fixes are always good, I tend to get lazy at times. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have everything in stock except leftover rice! Absolutely easy and tasty.

  3. so high heat is the secret. thanks for telling me. i have always been making soggy egg fried rice, haha … my hubby and girls will be thrilled. will try it out and let you know.

    • High heat, and the right ratio of rice to egg :) Hope you like it when you try it out. hey you have a site makeover! Nice look :up:

  4. I actually cook the fried egg first, then add the rice. As I cook the rice, the eggs get scrambled at the same time :-)
    But yes, rice coated with a little bit of egg makes it taste better.

  5. My family loves fried rice, I always fried the rice first and add the eggs later so I can get that nice yellow color on my fried rice. I am sure yours are yummy (^.^)

  6. I could use these for breakfast!

  7. I can eat fried rice all the time, I like cooking a bit more rice so I can have some leftover to make for a quick lunch and I just make it with whatever I have in the fridge.

    • me too, fried rice is a wonderful one-dish meal to make so like you, I sometimes cook extra rice to make fried rice the next day :)

  8. Normally I just leave the steamed rice to cool before frying. I don’t keep rice overnight in fridge. :)
    Fried rice is a good choice when one is run out of idea on what to cook. :)

    • yeah some people don’t like to use overnight rice. Sometimes, I cook fresh rice but refrigerate them for a few hours and they are ready for frying :)

  9. Yummy quick idea. Just what every home chief needs to know!

  10. Yes fried rice for lazy night.

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