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Braised Pork Belly in Root Beer

Root Beer Tau Yu Bak

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Braised pork belly (豆油肉)or “Tau Yu Bak” is my family favourite dish. It is easy to cook with few ingredients and I always cook a large pot with plans for leftovers as it keep well. Recently, I saw recipes for root beer braised pork belly which I thought was really interesting. I have used coca-cola for my chicken wings, so I know it works by caramelising and tenderising the meat while sweetening the stew.

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Try this if you like a sweeter version of tau yu bak stew. I use my family base recipe for the braised pork belly stew, added a can of root beer and omitted the rock sugar. Though I have only tried with root beer, I am sure it will work with other sweet drinks like Coca-Cola too. This is a deliciously savoury dish that goes well with rice or steamed buns Chinese steamed buns.

Root Beer Tau Yu Bak

Tip: If you find the resultant stew too sweet, do adjust to taste according to your preference (for example, adding more water and soy sauces). Braised pork stews are the most flexible dish in the world (according to my mother) and one can easily season the stew to taste with soy sauces, water and sugar.

31 comments on “Braised Pork Belly in Root Beer”

  1. I love lor bak to go with steam bun but never try using root beer, wish can taste it now lol.

  2. This is really a simple yet interesting way of adding excitement to a traditional braised pork dish.

  3. Love all kinds of braised pork, but haven’t tried to cook with root beer. Your dish looks so attractive. Want to give it a go.

  4. Tis is a very nice and mangeable recipe, thanks for sharing. I have never tried adding coke or root beer to my stew, perhaps its time now :). My family and i love tau yu bak, must try this soon.

  5. Looks great especially with the sambal chili on the side.

  6. Who would have thought of another use for soft drink- i do not like soft drinks in general but this is intriguing.

  7. I am more interested in the chilli sauce next to your tau yu ba. haha.
    Any recipe for it or if store bought can show the bottle. thank you:}

  8. I have tried coke chicken wings but not root-beer Tau Yu Bak…:) Good one!

  9. I loves pork belly but the thought of using root beer in the braising is something really new to me. Just wonder what is the taste but I got to try it to find out. I’m bookmarking this and hopefully my family would loves this dish.

  10. high five for using soda! YEAHHHHH

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