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Szechuan Vegetable & Minced Chicken

This is a 15-minute recipe for stir-fry Szechuan vegetable & minced chicken. My mother has been making this dish (with shredded pork) since my childhood. Over the years, I have “refined” the recipe as I got lazier (cutting more and more steps with time). Now, it takes minimal time and effort to cook the dish! But don’t worry, the taste is not compromised in any way.

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Szechuan Vegetable & Minced Chicken Recipe

Szechuan Vegetable & Minced Chicken with Millet Porridge

I like to eat this dish especially with porridge. It’s like my comfort food for the soul, it is extra tasty when I lost my appetite or when it is raining. It also helped that this dish is inexpensive, effortless to make when the craving sets in. It is also ideal for meal prep whether it is planned or not – usually one will end up making a large pot. The leftovers certainly keep well in the fridge for many days.

Ingredient Short-cut: Shredded Szechuan Vegetable

Ready-To-Use Shredded Sichuan Vegetable

This packet of preserved Sichuan vegetables which I always use, comes with the Sichuan veg already shredded and mildly seasoned. It saved me about half an hour of shredding the ball of Sichuan veg, and soaking them in water to reduce the saltiness. I used the shredded Sichuan veg right out of the bag. For any new brand, taste a piece of shredded preserved sichuan veg – if it is too salty, soak them in a large bowl of water for 5 minutes, do another taste test. Once you are satisfied, you can drain the soaked sichuan veg and set aside. Don’t soak for too long (5 minutes at a time), otherwise they will become tasteless (I learnt it the hard way).

Making Szechuan Vegetable & Minced Chicken

Szechuan Vegetable with Minced Chicken Recipe

It’s really fuss-free. There is no need to prepare the szechuan vegetable. There is no need to marinate the minced meat. The steps are just:

  • Fry garlic and ginger in a wokpan. Add minced chicken, light soy sauce (using less than usual) and white pepper powder. Stir fry until chicken is cooked on surface.
  • Add the packet of shredded Sichuan vegetable, cut chillis and dark soy sauce. Stir fry together until the colour is well distributed. Garnish and serve.

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  1. Quick, and very appetizing! I miss those szechuan preserved vegetables..used to eat them with congee or add them to the instant noodles.

  2. Perfect with congee on a rainy day! Even on a hot day when one loses appetite, this dish will be so 开胃

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