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Spicy Sichuan Vegetables with Pork

This is a dish which I ate quite often since childhood. It is salty, savoury and spicy; just totaly addictive I would say. I was shopping at the supermarket with my mum yesterday and seeing the pork belly suddenly reminded me of this dish. So we got the ingredients and cook this dish together, with my mum doing most of the work, of course. I think this just goes so well with porridge. This is the ultimate comfort food for me.

Sichuan Veg with Pork Belly (Served with porridge)
Spicy Sichuan Vegetable with Pork (Serve with Porridge)

(Serves 4-6)

– 400g Sichuan preserved vegetables (四川菜), shredded thinly
– 200g pork belly (aka sam cham bak, 3-layered pork, 3层肉)
– 4 cloves garlic, minced
– 4 chilli padi, cut to thin slices (adjust or omit according to taste)
– 2 tsp dark soy sauce

1. If you bought the pre-shredded preserved Sichuan veg, it’s up to you whether you want to rinse them in water before use (I didn’t). If you are not using the pre-shredded type, it is recommended to soak the vegetable in water for at least half an hour before cutting (you can cut a small bit to taste) to reduce the saltiness.
2. Slice the pork belly to thin slices, then cut each slice to thin shreds. If you want less fat, cut off the entire top layer of fat before slicing.
3. Heat wok and stir fry the shredded pork belly till the wok is well-greased with the oil from the pork. Push the pork to one side of the wok. If not enough oil in the wok, add your own. Stir fry the chilli and garlic in the middle of the wok till fragrant. Then mix the pork, chilli and garlic evenly together until the pork is cooked.
4. Add the shredded Sichuan vegetables, dark soy sauce (it makes the dish darker in color and also sweeter, so adjust to your liking) and stir fry till well-mixed. Serve with either rice or porridge.

Spicy Sichuan Vegetables with Pork

10 comments on “Spicy Sichuan Vegetables with Pork”

  1. For some reason or other I have to look at your blog before dinnertime and on days where I have nothing in the fridge or on my dinner table. Here I am looking at the salted veg and thinking “Oh my God!” Quick pass the napkin! Drooling like hungry dog!

  2. This is a dish I eat when I was young too. Feel so nostalgic when i see this pic.

  3. I would imagine that this would work just as well with Berkshire pork. Looks very tasty, as do the rest of your recipes.



  4. Can I have one bowl of porridge with the spicy sichuan veg with pork? With that sichuan veg dish, I can drink porridge like anything!

  5. hey EtG, thanks for visiting my blog :)

    girls: Thanks for your nice comments, u girls are all better cooks than me, lol

  6. I love this dish too, but prefer the vegetarian version of it where you replace pork with bean curd strips…so good. My aunt used to cook this a lot when I was growing up. Yummy, such a nostalgic dish, I need to make it. :)

  7. Rasa:: I think your version sounds really nice… I totally love bean curd strips. I will probably try that out very soon :)

  8. Yum.

    Even though I like Sichuan preserved veggies, sometimes they can be a little too “ripe”. I’m thinking some bitter gourd and black bean sauce would go well with the plain rice porridge.

  9. Yummy. Sichuan vegetables go so well with pork. This dish is so comforting: now, I only wish my mother made rice porridge. ;)

  10. It’s a comfort food for me too. Thanks for sharing. I used to cook this quite often, with either minced pork or lean meat.

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