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Freshly made Popcorn

I want to learn to take better food photos so I bought some place mats and cutlery from Ikea. You’ll start seeing these pretty often in my future blog piccies, hee. The popcorn pictures are actually a practice at taking photos. When I get better at taking food photos, I’ll retake some of the past dishes and update my previous posts.

I love popcorn and I never knew how to make them. A forum member from HH taught me how to make them. Now I can have popcorn whenever I want! Sometimes, I wonder if people will laugh when I feature easy recipes like this, but hey, I am a noob cook, and I am sure there must be other noobs like me too who have no inking of an idea how to make popcorn, no? ;p I was so noobish as to even ask ‘do I need to add water?‘ … see, the term Noob Cook is not false modesty at all, lol

And oh, this recipe is for basic butter popcorn. The only other variation I’ve tried is wasabi popcorn. If you know how to make other variations, do share with me =D

Freshly made Popcorn


50g butter
2 tbsp raw popcorn

In a deep cooking pot, melt butter over low fire. After the butter has melted, stir in the popcorn quickly and make them evenly soaked in the melted butter (you have like 20 seconds to do that, you don’t want the corn to pop with the lid off). Cover the lid and increase fire slightly. Wait for the delightful popping sounds, off fire when the popping has stopped. Season with salt before serving.

Tip: Do not use too much raw popcorn because they really expand and fill up the entire pot =P

Wasabi Popcorn – Stir in 2 tbsp of wasabi powder to the melted butter, mix evenly, before adding the raw popcorn.

And oh, here’s NoobCook.com’s very first food review, featuring the charmingly chubby Neko Chan::Neko First Food Review - Pop Corn

Note: When feeding hamsters’ popcorn, give the outer puff of popcorn and not the stiff, inner kernel part. Actually plain popcorn is the best for them =x

31 comments on “Freshly made Popcorn”

  1. I love popcorn.
    I just bought a corn kernel package in cold storage section of Fairprice. I come home and tried to make popcorn. But I could not make.
    Pls tell me, why??

  2. I also bought a bag of corn kernels from Cold Storage.
    Happily went back, heated the butter and kernels but after 10 minutes and the butter turning brown (not sure why), the kernels did not pop.
    Wonder what I did wrong. Would appreciate your feedback.

    • Hi Jk, I didn’t buy the corn from Cold Storage before so I am not sure if it’s the right type. I’ll check it out if I pass by CS. I bought mine from NTUC (dried goods section) and it says “raw popcorn”. If the butter turn dark brown then I guess the heat is a bit too high, probably also due to the popcorn not popping and it gets heated a little too long.

  3. hello, i love popcorn too! been experimenting with it recently and hmm was wondering if its ok to give to my hamster ok. guess its fine!:)

    i use oil instead. i don’t use butter cos i read some where that butter starts to brown and burn at 125 or 150 degrees c. not sure which, but its still less than the 180 degrees c needed to pop popcorn. i also use a pot with oil, when it starts to get hot i’ll toss in the popcorn, close the lid put fire to medium and start to swirl the pot. like literally grab the handles and suspend it just above the stove where it still gets heat but i have room to swirl it. 2 reasons. 1 popcorn that has not popped can drop down to the bottom so it will get hot and pop, no wastage, 2. i’m afraid it burns… hahaha but its about the same as yours. turns out beautifully no burns at all, but then yeah troublesome trying to flavour it later. my mum justs stirs butter and honey right after we take it off the stove, but can’t keep for long cos it will get soft.

    leo said “I just bought a corn kernel package in cold storage section of Fairprice. ”
    i hope u don’t mean frozen corn.

    • Thanks for sharing your tips! :-) So far I didn’t have the problem of my butter burning. I also heard that mixing butter and olive oil half-half will reduce the chances of burning.

      Oh, now that you mentioned it, I hope leo and JK didn’t get frozen corn/corn nibblets. :| It’s supposed to be the dry type sold in dried goods section.

  4. Hi! I love your website! You are definitely NOT a Noob Cook with all these cool recipes! =D

    Anyway, I wonder is there any other ways of making the caramel coating of the popcorn so that it doesn’t harden so quickly and also is smooth enough to coat the entire batch of popcorn and also not that sticky?? :?: Hehe… U made me wanna go make some popcorns right now!

    I tried using a wok rather than a pot and that way, the corns can pop more evenly and there were less wastage of corns which was burned and didn’t pop. I used oil rather than butter, too. It’s not much of a difference… :-)


    ps: I hope to see more recipes (and pictures of Neko Chan, your hamster food reviewer which name says ‘Cat’ in Jap =P ) soon.. =D

  5. omg u named ur hamster as cat (in japanese)?? thats so cute!!!

  6. Sorry, I’m really clueless at this…
    How do you season with salt – When’s it’s done just sprinkle salt all over and toss it around?
    Thanks for providing so much details! Really appreciate it!! (:

  7. It’s hard to find educated people for this subject, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about!


  8. Can you tell in if you can colour popcorn

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