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Snow Pear Soup

Snow Pear Soup

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Snow pear soup with pork ribs is a light tasting and thirst-quenching soup which is perfect for our hot climate as snow pears are known for their cooling properties. Chinese almonds and snow fungus are said to boost health benefits such as improving blood circulation, strengthening respiratory system and aiding weight loss. Thanks to my buddy anemone for sharing her recipe with me.

Snow Pears

23 comments on “Snow Pear Soup”

  1. A classic combination! The soup must taste very fresh and appetizing.

  2. I am wanting to learn more about Asian cuisine and your site is a great place to do so: love that soup and the ingredients and will start making it …thank you!

  3. It is different from what I am used to, but I am always game for something new and you seem to surprise me all the time. Happy Weekend.

  4. Must be a sweet and yummy soup!

  5. I followed e recipe according but e soup has not much taste. Yr apple soup recipe tastes better :)

    • For those with a sweet tooth, you can substitute the pork ribs and salt with rock sugar instead. You can eat it warm or cold. Very nice dessert that I often cook for my kids. They simply love it. :)

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  7. If I want it to be dessert, i can remove pork, northern almonds and then salt right?

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  9. Hi!! I’ve been looking around supermarkets trying to get snow pears but to no avail. Do you have any idea where I can get them? Or is there another name for snow pears? Thanks.

    • Hi Dawn! I do think they name it differently, because it’s real common! So just look for those big round pears as shown in the picture – it will be the correct one!

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