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Steamed Chicken Rice

Steamed Chicken Rice

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Hainanese chicken rice (海南鸡饭) is arguably Singapore’s most famous national dish (though it is also available in other SEA countries). This flavourful steamed chicken rice is my mother’s version of this popular hawker delight. The traditional and authentic Hainanese way of cooking the chicken is by poaching the bird in hot water – no direct heat from the stove is involved. Instead, my mum steamed the chicken.

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This method is easy and great, because the juices collected from steaming the chicken is really rich and pure – just like those bottled essence of chicken. The chicken also turns out juicy and tender.

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The only small set back is that you do get a lot of broth collected from cooking the chicken (but they are very rich), probably just enough to cook the rice (which is the most important anyway). If you need more broth, you can use your own home-made chicken stock, store-bought tetra-pak chicken stock, msg-free chicken cube or chicken seasoning powder if required.

Steamed Chicken Rice

66 comments on “Steamed Chicken Rice”

  1. Now you have me craving Hainanese chicken rice. Will have to head up to Chinatown for lunch.

  2. This is so yummmy! I always love Hainan chicken. The best ones are really in Singapore. I still remember that place I visited behind Raffle Hotel. Your dips are already so authentic : )

    • I heard that the Singapore versions are even better than the “original” ones from Hainan. Next time, try the ones at hawkers … I think they are as good as the hotels one :wink:

  3. Oh yummy! I especially like the chicken rice condiments, so good with the steamed chicken, can’t do without.

  4. Nice. Looks like my kind of thing, although probably not in this hot weather. Heh. Whats a kampong chicken?

    • “Kampong” is the malay word for “village”. It sort of meant that the chicken has been allowed to roam around the village, or better understood in western terms as “free range chicken”. However, it is believed that the ones sold at our supermarkets aren’t free ranged, they are just the same species as free range chickens :( it’s so darn hard to get free range or organic stuff in Singapore. Anyhow, Kampong chickens are usually much smaller in size and juicier, just nice if cooking for only a few people. :up:

  5. Looks really pro! I would agree that steaming is much easier.

  6. wow…. a complete chicken rice feast, complete with condiments and sauces, plus soup. i take my hats off you my friend! your chicken the steam way looks so much better to me , not oily like those at the shops.

  7. hahahhha almost? I think it is damn perfect :)!

  8. Normally I just prepare one sauce which consists of red chili, bird’s eye chili, garlic, ginger, lime juice, sugar and light soy sauce. Yours look yummy!

  9. nicely done! I used to cook this way too, from my mum’s recipe. Tried and tested absolutely!

  10. So delicious… I’m craving now!

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