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Steamed Chicken Rice

Steamed Chicken Rice

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Hainanese chicken rice (海南鸡饭) is arguably Singapore’s most famous national dish (though it is also available in other SEA countries). This flavourful steamed chicken rice is my mother’s version of this popular hawker delight. The traditional and authentic Hainanese way of cooking the chicken is by poaching the bird in hot water – no direct heat from the stove is involved. Instead, my mum steamed the chicken.

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This method is easy and great, because the juices collected from steaming the chicken is really rich and pure – just like those bottled essence of chicken. The chicken also turns out juicy and tender.

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The only small set back is that you do get a lot of broth collected from cooking the chicken (but they are very rich), probably just enough to cook the rice (which is the most important anyway). If you need more broth, you can use your own home-made chicken stock, store-bought tetra-pak chicken stock, msg-free chicken cube or chicken seasoning powder if required.

Steamed Chicken Rice

66 comments on “Steamed Chicken Rice”

  1. I love Hainanese Chicken and I love this recipe!!

  2. This is awesome! Great recipe, detailed writeup and nice photos. Any magazine editors here? Must feature noobcook in a food magazine one day. You must have taken days to finish writing this. :)

  3. Wow, home-made chicken rice, I’m impressed! It’s a lot of work, yah? Making the sauces, rice and chicken all from scratch. :up:

    I love ginger sauce!! My all time favorite from Soup Restaurant. :P

    • It’s a lot of work yes! but I think it is worth it coz the home cooked taste is unique :D yes I considered buying their bottled ginger sauce before :P

  4. as usual magnificent photos!! and i hear my stomach rumbling!! shouting to feed with these delights!! yummy

  5. The one we went was actually the simple down to earth style but not hotel ones. I forgot the name of the place but packed with ppl, said to be one of the best in S’pore : ). My mom also steam chicken instead of simmer in water : )

  6. Slurp! Even your condiments are complete. Our home…we only make chili for chicken rice.

  7. That is good food!

  8. Love this kind of chicken…steamed…with the condiments…yummie!

  9. My mom also steam the chicken instead of boiling! I think that way, it preserves the taste of the chicken, which is great! And she likes to use kampong chicken too! I absolutely agree with you that making our own is rather more satisfying.. ehhehe :)
    I really really think that your hainanese chicken looks yummy!!! Please email one portion :P

    • Now I know people who steam their chicken as well! before that, all the recipes I searched requires dipping in hot water/boiling. Thanks for your kind words :-)

  10. This sounds so delicious! I’d love to try making it. The homemade condiments look perfect.

    • Thanks! I think the supporting actors here (condiments) are as important as the main cast (rice and chicken), haha

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