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Chinese Spinach in Superior Broth

Spinach in Superior Broth

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Update (Nov 2013): First posted in Apr 2010, now updated with new photos & improved recipe.

I am calling this dish “spinach in superior broth” (上汤菠菜/苋菜) only because that is how our restaurants & zi char stalls name this dish.

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With a fancy name like that, of course the eateries charge premium for this dish, when the home-cooked version is actually inexpensive (under S$3!). What makes the home-cooked version “superior”, in my humble opinion, is the home-made ikan bilis stock which is natural and free from artificial flavourings & MSG. I love this dish thoroughly because it is both a vegetable and a soup dish in one. I make ikan bilis stock once a week and keep it in the fridge, so I have an instant soup base to whip this dish in a jiffy whenever I want to.

Spinach in Superior Broth

There are actually many variations for this dish – such as with wolfberries, salted eggs or a thicker soup (simply thicken the broth with cornstarch solution). Use your creativity to adapt this recipe!

77 comments on “Chinese Spinach in Superior Broth”

  1. wow, i’ve never heard of this dish before. i find it amusing that they call it “superior broth”. it definitely looks healthy. good stuff!

  2. I’m so impressed at how much work you put into creating the recipe! I never heard of this before but I bet it’s totally delicious. I love everything in it and it looks so bright and fresh.

  3. Oh what a fascinating recipe with the centuries-eggs and that green vivid spinach!

  4. Is kangkung the same as Chinese spinach? I’m confused because just by looking at your photos, they look like kangkung to me.

  5. What a beautiful dish!! Your photos are absolutely perfect and inviting.

  6. Mmmm…delicious. I can eat the whole plate. Chinese spinach is my favourite. It’s so tender and delicious.

  7. Wiffy, can I have without century eggs for my lunch, please?

  8. This looks delicious. I’m surprised I’ve never had it before at chinese restaurants. I’ve never seen century year old eggs used in a soup form. It’s an interesting combination of ingredients. I’ll have to try to make it sometime or look for it on the menu at a restaurant.

  9. I haven’t had this soup for years! It sure is a great soup. I was running out of soup ideas and glad I stopped to check what’s cooking :)

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