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Chilled Soya Beancurd

soya beancurd pudding

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Early this year, this “lao ban” chilled soya beancurd recipe which was shared by chanzhf on HWZ went viral – I remembered at least 3 unconnected friends who told me about it on the same week. It is said to have cause a temporary, nationwide shortage of some of the ingredients.

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For the uninitiated, Lao Ban Soya Beancurd (老伴豆花) at Old Airport Road is arguably Singapore’s most popular chilled soy milk pudding. It is loved for its silky soft and smooth tau huay texture. Naturally, a recipe to recreate it at home cheaply and effortlessly is too tempting to pass on. If you have home-made soy milk, you may use it in place of the soy milk powder.

chilled soya beancurd

While I felt that this isn’t really a replica of Lao Ban’s famous dessert, this is definitely a delicious tasting and easy 15-minute soy milk pudding recipe for keeps. I slightly modify the recipe by reducing the instant jelly powder so that the pudding will be soft and wobbly (the original amount of jelly powder made my jelly quite firm). I swopped the quantity of Polleney and Unisoy powders around, as the Unisoy comes in 30-grams sachets, and to my surprise, I like the taste with more Unisoy. To get the silky smooth texture (as I did for my steamed egg with pork and chawanmushi), I also sieved the soya milk for about 4 times, and flatten surface bubbles before chilling.

Printable Recipe
Chilled Soya Beancurd (Step-by-Step)
ingredients for chilled soya beancurd These are the key ingredients for making this recipe. Apart from the jelly powder which I bought from Phoon Huat, I got the rest from NTUC.
making chilled soya beancurd Whisk soy milk powder, creamer, sugar and hot water.
making chilled soya beancurd In a saucepan, gently heat the soy milk mixture until warm but not boiling, stirring the soya milk until fully dissolved.
 making chilled soya beancurd Stir in instant jelly powder until fully dissolved. Run the soya milk through a sieve for about 4 times.
making chilled soya beancurd Gently pour into 2 bowls and flatten surface bubbles with the back of a spoon. Leave to cool at room temperature, then transfer bowls to chill in the fridge.

60 comments on “Chilled Soya Beancurd”

  1. Hi. U mix the ingredient into hot water? Why we still need to warm it over the stove?

    • Hi, it’s because my mixture didn’t dissolve fully. If your ingredients are nicely dissolved then you can skip the stove.

  2. If in here I can’t find soy milk powder,can I switch to soy milk liquid?

  3. It’s so interesting when a recipe grabs everyone’s attention like this. Sounds like you’ve perfected the process of making it, and the texture sounds lovely!

  4. I love this soft soy beancurd…you just reminded me that I should make some :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hi, wonder why you use 2 brands of soy milk powder. I only have Unisoy, will that do? Thanks for explaining.

    • Hi, the original recipe calls for two brands of soy milk powder combined, as it is trying to mimick Lao Ban’s taste. Sure, you can use only one type.

  6. Hi Wiffy, tks for all ur wonderful posts. Am married to an Aussie so struggled with coking since there wasn’t any issue back home where Mum does the cooking or just at the food court etc. Love ur pics so at least I know what to get equiv here in Oz. Btw I brought back a pack of polleney soya on my last trip back so can try my fav soya drink. Why do we mix unisoy in this recipe? Will using polleney by itself do the work? what alternative instant jelly can I use to replace the one u have? Aeroplane or agar from Asian store. My hubby loves our spore soya bean drink too. I tried your drink recipe last weekend using a blender & it turned out great. Would love to buy a soya maker though…maybe next trip home during CNY:)

    • Hi krphelen, the original recipe calls for two brands of soy milk powder combined, as it is trying to mimick Lao Ban’s taste. You can definitely use only one type (Polleney) if you like, it will work as I tried before. No instant jelly powder in Oz? Can you find gelatin? :)

    • Yes we have gelatin. Cool :) thanks again

  7. Hi can i check with u whether is it possible to use just unisoy soya bean milk powser? will it still taste the same?
    why hv to use polleney?

  8. Yeah, this is indeed very smooth and silky. I made this using Anncoo’s recipe. Next round I also want to try the almond flavour.

  9. Thx u..

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