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Pumpkin Risotto

Pumpkin Risotto

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Pumpkin is now in season and one of my favourite uses of pumpkin is to make risotto (traditional Italian rice dish). The pumpkin puree gives the pumpkin risotto a natural and beautiful golden yellow hue.

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You can use your any variety of pumpkin for this recipe – my personal favourite is butternut squash (see ingredients’ photos on page two of the recipe) which I find easier to slice than other pumpkins, and it is very sweet!

Pumpkin Risotto

19 comments on “Pumpkin Risotto”

  1. This is my type of autumn dinner ;-) Made some last year, but with brown rice..delicious too. Love yours more with risotto rice and pine nuts. Gorgeous colour.

  2. This looks so good.. But I have a few stupid qns to ask. Will the use of the dry white wine render this dish not suitable for preschoolers? What is considered as dry white wine? can I also ask where do u get pine nuts and sage leaves? I seldom cook western meals n don’t have most of the ingredients. :p

    • Hi! you can skip the wine if you are concerned about alcohol content. You can buy pine nuts in the supermarket (it’s optional as it’s just garnishing). As for sage, I bought it from the fridge herbs section of NTUC/Cold Storage. You can also use dried sage (about 1-2 tsp) if you can’t find fresh ones, or even omit.

  3. How creamy this looks! I love how the pumpkin colour makes this so appealing as well- your lucky family!

  4. I’m having so much fun cooking with pumpkin and butternut squash right now, but I haven’t made a risotto lately. Pumpkin risotto sounds great!

  5. This is lovely ad looks deliciously creamy.

  6. Oh! This risotto looks delicious, I love the flavor and the vivid color…beautifully done :0
    Thanks for the recipe and hope you are enjoying your week Wiffy!

  7. Love risotto and pumpkin…this I have to try.

  8. Looks totally YUMMY!!! :9

    You know, we love pine nuts here in Portugal, but they are pretty expensive @_@ I don’t quite remember how much they were in Singapore, but I’m positive they are so much cheaper there.

    • Hi Pipana, good to see ya :) Pine nuts are expensive in SG too, in fact I was just contemplating to ship a big bag from US stores.

    • Oh, I didn’t know pine nuts are expensive in Singapore too!
      In Portugal, we eat lots of pine nuts during Xmas season, so the price goes even higher X_x

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