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Sweet Chilli Prawns

Sweet Chilli Prawns

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I have been eating out for the most part of the last two months as I was travelling quite a bit and also catching up with work. It really made me miss home-cooked food greatly. During busy times like these, I’m glad I have fail-safe, easy and fast recipes like this stir-fry sweet chilli prawns to fall back on.

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The sauce is almost instant as I used sweet chilli sauce as the base. Being sweet, it can cater to everyone. I added chilli padi to the stir-fry and it instantly transforms to a hot and sauce.

Sweet Chilli Prawns

In this recipe, I used WorldFoods Malaysian Sweet Chilli Sauce which is sent to me by the the good folks at WorldFoods. Besides using in stir-fries, sweet chilli sauce can also be used as a dipping sauce so it is a really useful sauce to have in the kitchen pantry. If you wish to learn more about WorldFoods, do check out their website and facebook page for more information.

16 comments on “Sweet Chilli Prawns”

  1. Great colors on this dish! :) Thanks for adding the US names as well.

  2. Yummy! Love this prawns dish. I can eat it with extra rice :)

  3. That looks sooo good! Wish I had a bowl of it in front of me now.

  4. I love this prawn dish…so colorful and so tasty.
    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead :-)

  5. I like your pairing with egg-fried rice. Then the whole complete meal is in front of you. Take care and rest well.

  6. I had fried rice for lunch today…haha :) I’ve had a couple of different styles of fried rice before, but never sweet chilli fried rice! It sounds amazing though- because I LOVE sweet chilli sauce (I can’t get enough of it!!) and this looks so tasty!

  7. this look simple but yet yummy!

  8. Oh using sweet chili sauce to stir-fry prawns is definitely new to me, but it seem to work, I will give it a try if I remember. :)

  9. A very nice stir fry dish!

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