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Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay may be known to be mean, but he also makes a mean meal of scrambled eggs as well. I saw this youtube video demonstrating how he does his scrambled eggs. I tried the recipe and it sure was a winner – the scrambled eggs are of a nice velvety and creamy consistency. The scrambled eggs (without the toast) also makes a treat for those eating low-carb.

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Gordon uses interesting techniques such as only whisking the eggs in the pan and seasoning them only at the end – who would have guess that these are the secrets to perfect scrambled eggs? ;)

Perfect Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Gordon Ramsay’s Perfect Scrambled Eggs Tips

  • Whisk the eggs only when they are in the pan.
  • Give the eggs a break from the heat once they get going, so they can combine and avoid drying out.
  • Season the eggs right at the end. If you season them in the beginning, the salt will break down the eggs and they may turn watery.

Perfect Scrambled Eggs Recipe

45 comments on “Perfect Scrambled Eggs”

  1. Ahhh..looks perfect indeed!! Mine always turned out dry and slightly burn.

  2. will try this out …… yummy!

  3. I am not a Ramsay fan, but I am a scrambled egg fan, so I’ll have to humble myself and learn from the master!!! Good photos!!

  4. Who doesn’t love scrambled egg for breakfast? I just love it! :D

  5. I should visit more often… I missed some great recipes here! :)
    Love the images.
    Just had some scrambled eggs with green peppers and red onion.
    Next time I will try your recipe ;)

  6. NC, that looks just like the breakfast in my dream last night :-)

    I’ve always added a little heavy cream to my scrambled eggs, but your version, using crème fraîche sounds a whole lot richer!
    Btw, I love that outrageously-cute breakfast plate.

  7. Simple and nutritious!

  8. These look *fantastic*. Beautiful pictures.

  9. Will definitely try.

    The pictures are awesome…can you be my photographer? hehe.

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