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Ikura Temaki (Salmon Roe Handroll)

Ikura Temaki Recipe

For best results, use a wooden spoon when scooping and serving the fish roe. Metal spoon and utensils may affect the taste of the roe.


  • 1 bowl cooked sushi rice Get sushi rice recipe here
  • 8 roasted nori (seaweed) sheets measuring 19x10cm each
  • 8 tbsp salmon roe (ikura)
    a small punnet of Japanese radish sprouts (kaiware) ends trimmed (may subsitute with lettuce)
  • takuan slices (Japanese pickled yellow daikon) optional


  1. Lay one sheet of cut nori, smooth (shiny) side down, on the work surface. Place sushi rice (about 2 tbsp) in the position diagonally at the left side of the nori. Flatten the rice slightly with your hand or the back of a spoon.
  2. Arrange 1 tbsp salmon roe and a small handful of radish sprouts diagonally on the rice (see photo here).
  3. Fold in the bottom left corner of the nori and roll until the nori forms a cone shape that holds all the fillings. Once the cone is formed, you may like to top up with a bit more roe. Secure the edge of the nori with sushi rice. Refer to this post for step-by-step temaki folding photos. Serve with takuan and miso soup, if desired.

Noob Cook Tip

Ensure the nori sheets are fresh and crisp by only opening the packet when it is needed. Do not leave the nori sheets exposed for hours. Store leftover nori tightly sealed in the freezer.

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7 comments on “Ikura Temaki (Salmon Roe Handroll)”

  1. This is so creative and beautifully presented! (Almost like a flower bouquet.) The contrast of the orange, green, and black is perfect. I’ve never tried roe before, but I would try it like this. Glad your story turned into a “happy ending!” :)

  2. What an unhappy experience :O I never really tried salmon roe before cos usually they are expensive in restaurants and I am also wary if the roe is “real” Don’t know..I just read many reports that salmon roe is something that can be quite easily (and widely) “imitated”. How do you ensure you got the real stuff?

    Your kitchen very well-equipped leh…even have the hand-roll “stand” :)

    • I don’t think the salmon roe they sell in SG is ever fake. only smashed LOL (ok it’s only that one time). I’m very sure the ones sold at the Japanese supermarkets here (Meidi Ya and Scotts esp) are genuine. always wanted a temaki stand hehe

  3. wow These handrolls look so inviting!

  4. I’m glad it worked out. Yours is so beautiful!

  5. One of my favourite handrolls, With homemade ones, I can put in extra ikura :)

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