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Hawaiian Baked Rice

Hawaiian Baked Rice Recipe
First posted in Oct 2009, updated in Jan 2015

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If you love Hawaiian pizza with the winning combination of pineapples and ham, I am sure you will love this sunny Hawaiian baked rice as well. The sweetness of the pineapples balance the savoury creamy mushroom soup (straight from the can) sauce, ham and cheese.

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If you have a small party to feed, this will be a great recipe to try out as it’s filling and noob proof. Bake this in any oven-safe cookware, or disposable aluminium party tray if you don’t feel like washing up later.

Hawaiian Baked Rice Recipe
Pineapple and ham baked rice, straight off the oven

58 comments on “Hawaiian Baked Rice”

  1. great idea! Seems like a perfect way to serve leftover rice too.

  2. why do you need to wait for the rice to cool down before cooking?

    • Hi Carrie, I’m not sure about your rice cooker, but for mine, it cooks via temperature sensor. So if the rice is hot from the stir frying, and I put it into the rice cooker immediately, it thought that the rice is already cooked right after I put it in, or it cooked for only 5 minutes.

  3. Oh wow, that looks wicked good. I love Hawaiian pizza, I can only imagine I’d love this!

  4. I love this combination of ham and pineapple…this dish looks so delicious…never had this way. Nice pictures!

  5. Haha, over here it’s the same: Pineapple+ham=Hawaiian :)
    I missed you, and am so glad you stopped by.

    I’ve never cooked a baked rice but I think Eli would love it. Would need to throw in some veg to make it a one dish meal. Peas? Spinach? What do you reckon?

    By the way, I’ve some leftover cooked sticky (pulut) rice in the fridge. Any suggestions?

    • hey! :) I’ve added button mushrooms to mine before (stir fry for a few minutes before frying the rice) and it tastes good.

      Ah, I’ve never prepared sticky rice before. sticky rice and red date pudding? thai sticky rice with jack fruits? hehe I can’t wait to see what you whip up ;)

  6. the picture’s style is so you!
    the food remids me of nasi goreng nanas (pineapple fried rice)

  7. Hawaiian pizza is my fav.I am sure my family and i will love to try this dish.Looks yummy and simple to make!

  8. How cute is that??? The “Hawaiian” combo of pineapples and ham always works. You are really into baked rice, eh? ;) Can’t blame you … you always make such delish-looking versions.

  9. wa … looks yummylicious!
    I’m doing this for dinner on sunday… heeeee
    Showed my bf this photo, and he’s so looking forward to it…!! How i wish mine will turn out as nice!! kudos to you!

  10. btw. does this serve 4-6 BIG people, or really SMALL one?
    Scare we can’t finish…

    • big or small? haha it’s so subjective :P But I think it should be greedy or not greedy lol

      I would say it will serve 4 very greedy people, and 6 not-so-greedy people, lol

      let me know how it goes k ;) Hope you like the recipe.

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