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Hawaiian Baked Rice

Hawaiian Baked Rice Recipe
First posted in Oct 2009, updated in Jan 2015

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If you love Hawaiian pizza with the winning combination of pineapples and ham, I am sure you will love this sunny Hawaiian baked rice as well. The sweetness of the pineapples balance the savoury creamy mushroom soup (straight from the can) sauce, ham and cheese.

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If you have a small party to feed, this will be a great recipe to try out as it’s filling and noob proof. Bake this in any oven-safe cookware, or disposable aluminium party tray if you don’t feel like washing up later.

Hawaiian Baked Rice Recipe
Pineapple and ham baked rice, straight off the oven

58 comments on “Hawaiian Baked Rice”

  1. that’s one of the best ways to cook–with left over ingredients as it forces you to be creative! Great recipe and love the umbrella garnish.

  2. Yes, here too. anything with pineapple and ham would be called ‘hawaiian.’ Your rice looks delicious! It looks like a perfect comfort food kind of meal.

  3. I’m also a sucker for ham+pineapples…
    and this rice goes well with steamed mussels….and can make Noobcook paella!

  4. Looks so scrumptious! It reminds me to hawaian pizza… yummmmm….

  5. I can smell the aroma of cheese…hmm…

  6. One day, I’m goin’ to try these baked rice dish of yours. They all looked so good!

  7. I found you off Tastespotting. Your blog is SOOO cute and I love your vivid photos. This dish sounds super hearty too :)

  8. baked rice has always been me and boyfriend’s favourite. am going to plan to cook this tomorrow or the day after. maybe i could try adding pineapple into it for a twist.

  9. You are liking the baked rice with cheese eh? ;) I have been seeing the variation of baked rice from you. :D

    • It’s a simple and satisfying one-dish meal. For the lazy cook in me. I also thought I’ve been cooking way too much baked rice lol ;)

  10. This looks delicious with the sweet and savory flavors! Baked rice is such a comforting dish – I love it!

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